Sunday, February 10, 2008

Birthdays, Birthdays Everywhere

This is the Birthday week at the Johnson household. First, Will turned two on February 7th and we went to the park and played and hung out for a few hours of sunshine. Then on Friday we had a wonderful party for Cassidy who turns 9 on February 11th. We played games outside and then went to the pool and swam and played. (indoor pool). This community just amazes me sometimes- I called the lifeguards two weeks ago to ask if we could have a bunch of kids at the pool for a pool party. They said "of course" and were soooo accomidating. They called in extra lifeguards and they got out pool toys and played with the kids. And as Cassidy was leaving after the party, they gave her a card with $10.00 in it and they told her that she is always such a good kid at the pool and obeys all the rules. I couldn't help but interject "it pays to be good!" And we didn't have to pay the lifeguards or anything, they did all this out of the goodness of their hearts. What an amazing community!!!

Here is a picture of Will at the park on this b-day


Strong Family - said...

That's so awesome! That's definitely what smaller towns are good for. How neat that they even gave her a present! Fun stuff.

rileymmega said...

I had forgotten you had two February birthday's. Maggie and Cassidy have the same birthday. We were doing the birthday party thing yesterday too. Maggie turned 4. It's fun to read your blog. My sisters have them but I haven't started one yet. Hope your doing well.