Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Phone Call

Today was Will's birthday and he recieved a special call from his Grandparents on their mission in North Dakota. When they called, he was taking a nap so they had me hang up and they left a message for him on my phone. They told him how much they loved him and sang happy birthday to him complete with Grandpa making his popping sounds with his mouth. Well, the first time I played the message he just stared at the phone and smiled a chesire cat grin. Then he wanted to hear it again, and this time he looked at the phone more intently and smiled and laughed. By the third go round, he was talking back to his grandparents on the other line while he listened to the message, laughing and telling them something in his nonsense language that he uses. We had it on "Speaker phone" the whole time and his big sister Sarah figured out that you push "4" to repeat the message, so on and on it went. It was so fun and this picture is him trying to converse to his grandparents through the phone. Such a great memory that I will always treasure!

Another funny moment came when Sarah, who had already heard the message a couple times through said "I love the part where they pop their heads together and make that sound!!!" I had a great belly laugh after that comment picturing Lund and Karen popping their heads together at the end of each line of "Happy Birthday"!

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