Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sewing Machine Envy!

All Cassidy wanted for her birthday this year was a sewing machine. On her invitations she suggested that instead of a present, her friends could give her a few dollars to save up for a sewing machine. She even priced sewing machines, drew sewing machines, etc. Well, all her friends gave her money for her birthday which made her "sew" happy and so she didn't even see it coming when she opened up her last present and it was a sewing machine from Morgan and I. She was estatic!!!!! And to make it even more grand, she recieved a coupon book from her surrogate grandparents here in the ward for 10 sewing lessons with Miss Karen who is a great seamstress. She is sooo excited and her first lesson is this Friday and she will be making an apron.

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Bonnie Hynes said...

christa, that is a perfect capture of her expression! Now she has a sewing machine and money! she's set! tell cass that I love to sew, and I would love to see all of her creations! tell her to have fun, patterns are for woosies!(how in the world do you spell that word!) I love your family, I visit you all in my dreams all of the time!