Sunday, June 2, 2013

Things are starting to look a bit pink around here

Our family had a really neat experience that I wanted to document for posterity and stuff.

One of the contractors that Morgan works with is CATAPILLER and Empire. They called Morgan up to tell him that they were in the process of making the 1st ever COMPLETELY HOT PINK HUGE WATER TRUCK! SERIOUSLY!

061Oh, and did I tell you they invited me over to “sign” the inside of the truck!053  They gave us an amazing tour of the building process and let the kids climb all over

074    We thoroughly enjoyed learning so much neat stuff. And as you can see, Cassidy and Lund did a lot of talking…054


And here is the whole clan sitting on the back of the water truck 064Pretty sure I got some pink paint on my fingers….

091Here is my signature from the inside of the truck, which will be hidden by a pink panel…


The whole gang

145  Another view of the truck, I wish I could tell you which view, but I don’t know all the terms..

110But do not fret, I am actually the “CO-PILOT” of this beautiful beast. (Now I just need to learn how to drive one of these Huge trucks, hummmmmm)

165And our hosts weren’t done yet! they took us into their AMAZING CONFERENCE ROOM and also gave us all the 1st ever pink CATEPILLAR hats! I love it!

162The kids were LOVING being spoiled by the kind folks at CAT. We really, really appreciated everything they did for us and my kids were really eager and excited about all the science and knowledge and fun!

169Thank you so much from the whole Johnson Bunch!!!!!!



Jennie Davenport said...

Love it so much! Love you guys!

Alisha Newman said...

So awesome!!! What a fun and memorable experience. :)

Krista said...

It's fun being spoiled by suppliers. When Taft was born a guy went shopping for him and gave us a huge bag of baby name brand clothes! It was so cute! What a unique and fun gift from CAT. So fun to keep up with you guys on your blog!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

Jeremy is very jealous of this advneture. Thanks for sharing your ADORABLE family I love and miss you guys so much!