Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Giving back to the Cancer community


Last week Sarah and I had an opportunity to “give back” to one of my hospitals and it was really fun. I think Sarah was mainly in it for a day off of school, but no matter the reason, we were together.


IMG_0831 IMG_0832We each were given our own canvases and were asked to draw or demonstrate something about cancer. It was a very open subject and Sarah decided to draw a close-up picture of a flower. A very beautiful purple one with a blue center. Then there is me---I am not artistic, but I can get my point across in other ways----mainly with a glue gun and some scraps.

Now I am excited to take Sarah sometime and try to find our pictures somewhere up in the hallways. We know they are there, so the hunt is on!  We will have to snap a few pictures when we locate  them!

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