Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Safford Trip

 Can you tell where we went last week during Fall Break? Safford, Arizona.
 Actually, it was a bit of a two-fer trip because Morgan had to be out visiting his mines there for a couple of days. Morgan's parents went with us and it was a great trip.
 One of the highlights of the trip was Cassidy and Lund doing baptisms for the dead in the Gila Valley Temple AND they were also family names!! What a blessing, both for my own children, but also for those ancestors who have been patiently waiting on the other side of the veil.
 Another highlight came as we picked buckets and buckets of "Blushing Golden" apples off of the trees in Angle's Orchard. What a memory! So far I have only attempted apple cupcakes, but I am always up for more apple recipes!
 The third highlight of the trip was connecting with my friend Destiny Bollinger, who lives in Pima.(right next to Thatcher, where Morgan was born). I always LOVE catching up with my buddies from the years.
The last highlight was actually quite the surprise. Morgan was walking with the kids through a cotton field and ran into a gal from Mesa High School that he and I both knew. She had us hurry over to her house because there was a huge thing happening over there....Her baby chicks were hatching!
 It was the real deal! They were slowly chipping away with their beaks to break out of their eggs. And we learned that you can't help them, because they have to go through this trial to be strong enough to live. (lots of life symbolism there)

 And frankly, they look pretty gross when they do get out. But if you give them a couple of hours...
They look like this!!!!! Will really loved watching the whole process.
And honestly, who can be sad when there are adorable chicks like this around!

And we all know that Sarah was in heaven!!
Connie had a six year old boy, we had a six year old boy, and they also had a very impressionable, not to mention, adorable, little sister. In this picture "D" (adorable redhead on the right), is showing Will how to use a "fire starter" know the old flint and steel variety. Oh boy, those two together would be a handful!
The other thing that Sarah was just mesmerized with was all the cotton literally floating through the air. Those of you that have ever lived in the Gila Valley know exactly what I am talking about during the height of cotton season.


LUND said...

Good times! You captured the chick adventure. You have to love Thatcher. Let's hear a rousing chorus of "Country Roads" because they are wonderful.
Mom and Dad Johnson

clarisa said...

ahh! little chicks! so cute! (: you're right! no one can be sad with those little sunshine drops plopping around! your little fire starters are prudy cute, too!

LUND said...

UPDATE NEEDED...... it is such dancing news!!