Thursday, October 11, 2012

Elementary Picture Day

 Yesterday the Elementary kids had their picture day. I am sure we all remember picture day..."Hey kid, here's your cheap it through your hair and smile...or doesn't matter to me."
It was also a great day because News Channel 10 came to their school in the morning and Sarah and about 450 other kids had a chance to have a brief spot in the limelight. (Which is also why we made her poster lime green so she would stand out in a crowd. It totally worked! Even though there were tons of kids and tons of posters, we could always spot our neon lime green beautiful 3rd grader.) Fun times!
And as is the tradition in my house, I always get a shot of them at the door before they leave. (Just in case the school picture looks like.....well, a school picture!)
And Will had his picture almost taken today as well. You see, he has been sick for the past three or four days and I thought that since he wasn't going to school, I could sneak him in and they would take his picture.  Great plan except we just barely missed the photographers as they left the school. Oh well, there are always retakes.

And another shot.

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clarisa said...

you and your devious ways of lime green posters and sneaking in sick children! oh, we see how your children did not fall far from the tree!