Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finally, I get around to blogging....

Easter has come and gone, but the pictures are yet to be seen. And we can't have that, now can we? Of course not! So sit back and view our pictures from our Easter dinner.

 cousin Brody enjoyed enjoyed the beautiful weather on the swings in our backyard.
My older sister and her kiddos were loving the family time. Kayla's shirt "I love bacon" is hilarious! So in this photo you may see Kayla (the tallest), next to her mom, Alisha, and then Candin and Cooper with Kade in front!
 And my younger sister and her family. Becky and Jeff as parents and Raelynn and Brody as children.
 And here is a gaggle of girls.... Sarah, Cassidy, me, and Gramma Karen. Papa Lund isn't pictured because he was at home resting after a long day of church, hosting an early meal for visitors Juliet and Brian and then making sure they made it to the airport for their flight. So you can understand why he was wiped out by this time.
The Jeff and the Becky
 And these are the lovely people who raised me. My mom and dad.
And this crazy lot seems to be my posterity.
 My niece, Raelynn, has the cutest expressions ever!
......yes, I am the cutest baby ever!
And although she won't come to me for anything, she does have her favorite..............Candin!
 ......and this just shows that sometimes taking a quick family picture can be painful!
  ............oh boy, it's getting a little tight.....
Seriously mom, these pictures are going to kill me!
 Kade really enjoyed riding around in Wills car "cruising for ladies"
...and the trampoline is always a hit!
     Will hollars to me, "Mom, I better put my safety stuff on!" In my mind I think, "how on earth are those goggle going to help you?"

Oh, that's how!

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