Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fishin' and birthday fun

 If you don't know the Johnson family, then you won't know about the "Easter Fish" tradition that happens every year at our house. It is a tradition handed down from Morgan's family. Morgan's dad claims that a "fish" is more appropriate than a "bunny" to celebrate Easter. So each year we all line up and grab the pole with the basket tied on it and take our turn at the upstairs balcony. And if we are lucky, the "Easter Fish" will visit and fill the basket with goodies.
 Now, this year we had a 1st timer in the clan. (I can still remember years ago when I was a 1st timer as well.)Juliet and her boyfriend were visiting from Seattle, so Brian needed to know how to fish for his loot. Sarah was very excited to teach him how it works.

 .......and then Will reverently handed over the pole.
 But of course in good boyfriend fashion, Bryan announced that he needed help reeling in the rope. Will and Sarah were giddy with excitement, so excited to see his face when he saw the basket full of sugar.
 Then all my kiddos had their turns as well.
 and that is what you can find in a fishing basket... peeps, chips, chocolates, juices........ yummmmmm!
........ sometimes they even let crazy people like me take a turn. Juliet is carrying her loot around in her bag.
 And these two tender-hearted gals each got a stuffed animal that fits their personality. Sarah and her big-eyed bunny and Juliet with her baby chick that chirped in her hand.

And this year we had a surprise. Someone put a basket on our front doorstep with fish galore. Someone must really know our family. Thanks unanimous friend!
 And Saturday, April 7th is also Papa Lund's birthday! Grandma and Morgan surprised him with a new BBQ. Morgan was in his realm when he helped his mom pick out the "best BBQ".  It was lots of fun and lots of carrot cake was ingested. And, this same BBQ made our carne asada meat......yummmmmy!
The happy birthday/Easter couple!
p.s. I just found the candle Karen bought for your cake, so maybe you can turn 67 again next year!


LUND said...

Great pictures. You captured it all. I love the 2 rabit conversation at the top of the page. Sarah is clever.
Mom and Dad Johnson

Carmita said...

I love the fishing idea!!