Thursday, March 15, 2012

Week of Wonder....Where to begin?????

Our Spring Break week has been sooo packed with fun, and I am going to try to cover it event by event.
 Have you seen one of these before? Maybe not because it was created by Lund! He got the plans online and he drew it up himself and made models and then Morgan got into the mix when he decided to buy all the hardware and then the guys worked together to create an awesome trebuche (French word for an awesome catapult)
 The adjusting and launching commenced. And Spring Break had begun!
 My favorite part was watching my boys working together!
 Lund tried launching the pumpkin that he grew in the garden recently. It was a bit too heavy and lopsided.
 We were all in awe!
and then the boys figured out the best size and shape...
 A water balloon! Sarah is holding a champion water balloon that wouldn't pop even after being shot out of the trebuche repeatidly.
 Everybody took turns launching water balloons.
 Dot didn't even seem to mind all the craziness. She was just happy for the warmth and the green grass to eat.
 And if it is going to be this warm, we had better let the "pale skin ones" get some sun!
 wahoo! my sexy boys!
 And their favorite thing was trying to catch the waterballoons as they were being launched from the catapult.
 These two went head to head, but all Cassidy got was a face full of water.
 Cousin Lucy, who is visiting from Boise, decided that she wanted to get wet too. She just figured she would pop the balloon on her own...
 It took quite a few attempts, but it finally gave in. Welcome to warm AZ!
These two cousins are only four months apart, and they have had such a great time this week playing together.

 In recovery news: I am two weeks out from lung surgery and everyday gets better. Lungs are sure hard to heal! I have oxygen here at home that I sleep with at night and my home health nurses come to visit twice a week. But other than that, life is back to normal! Stay tuned for more Spring Break news!


LUND said...

Your pictures and narrative have captured the Trevuche Saga perfectly. Amazing!!
Mom Karen

Rose said...

Awe family.... a wonderful medicine.