Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is in the air!!

 Spring has sure found the Valley of the Sun!!! It is citrus season, which is one of my favorites. You can smell the orange blossoms, and you can taste the sweet navels off the trees. Oh boy..........
 As you can tell by the size of our trees (in previous posts), we don't exactly have a lot of fruit yet, but a lot of our wonderful neighbors do and they are always willing to share their overabundance.
 And the kids LOVE climbing to get the fruit, and then dropping it all down on our heads.
Thank you Carters for letting us partake of your wonderful citrus trees!!


Canadian Colleen said...

Christa, you are such a wonderful soul. I live in Ontario Canada and found your blog a year or so ago through a link on NieNie's blog. You are the most positive person I've ever known (followed). I pray for you often and wanted you to know that you are not alone in your fight. Your family is beautiful and I love your inspiring spirit in each post.

Farr Family said...

I LOVE the Spring also- but then the darn St. Johns wind comes and makes it not so fun! I hope you are feeling better!! And what lucky kids you have to get whatever they want. I'm so jealous! We love you lots!!