Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Was I Dreaming??

The temperature today is in the low 50s and it is cold! I can't believe that it was just last week that we were swimming and the temps were reaching 90!!! But, I will let the pictures tell the story!
 Now, I do have to tell you that the water was heated by our neighbors, and we greatly appreciated that!

 Elliot and Lucy loved swimming during Spring Break, you sure can't do that in Idaho!
 You have to watch out for this guy!!
And while we watched the kids have a good night swim, Archie decided to cuddle with his dad. He wasn't feeling good for some of the trip, poor guy!

 And we snuck in another day of swimming before the Hynes flew back home.
 Lucy had the time of her life on the slide! We sure had a great week.
And, just to top it all off, Cassidy and I bought new swimsuits for this summer!! Too cute, thank you Modbe for your modest designs!!!
And you can see the tents behind us, that will lead us onto the next day, so stay tuned!!

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