Monday, October 24, 2011

No explanation needed!

 Really this needs no explanation, but it is such a funny story. Will got this tag from something that he opened, and not knowing what it said, he put it across his mouth. He He He!! How true it was!!!
 But of course, he said he preferred it as a moustache instead!
And this picture has Will written all over it too! I am not even going to explain! But I will give you a challenge.... can you find Barbie's head? And where did my lunch box go? hummmmmmmmmm


LUND said...

Ya gotta love the impromptu Boys' Hallowee Costume Party photo. Lund Ryan looks a lot like Sarah in his costume. Definately a photo op. The term "goofus" keeps drifting through my mind.
Mom Johnson

Mamma Betts said...

found them! so cute!love silly photos

Happy said...

Nice hat and Great EAR-RING my friend. I am sorry that Mark did not get to stop in a say Hi while he was out for his brother's wedding, but the next trip we will. Love you guys XOXOXOXOXO