Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer is almost over.... Let's go bowling!!!!!!

Grandma Wiemer wanted to get all the cousins together before the school year gets under way. So, we all went bowling and it was AWESOME!

I decided that they needed to wear awesome, colorful socks cuz' that is what mean aunts do. But everyone was pretty complient.
 Cooper and Will looking awesome in their beautiful socks and bowling shoes.
 Candin having fun! (she took the socks off after a few minutes because she wasn't so sure about my fashion sense.)

 Brody looked adorable waiting for his turn.
           Action shot of Lund.
 These two cousins are always putting their heads together.
 Kade was trying some "backwards action".
 Kade definitely gets the award for the best expressions. It was like watching a show, but much more entertaining..
 ......And since my dad wanted a picture of me included, here ya go!!!
 Oh, and there was a lot of eating and drinking involved...
 ....and TONS of bonding!!! This is my FAVORITE picture!!!  Grandma and Will have a special connection!
                               ..........more bonding. Aunt Becky and Cassidy.
 And the older cousins were sooo helpful and with the Littles!!
       ......And look how happy Brody is to get help from his older cousins!!
                                      ............and there were a lot of crazy expressions by all!!!! (sorry Bek, you can kill me later!)
                                  Rock the socks Sarah!!!

                                       Way to go Captain America!!!!! (yeah, I know his shirt says Superman, but he is more of a Captain America fan,,,)

 I can picture these guys in about 60 years as old men,  IN THE SAME OUTFITS!!
 Yeah, my boy has STYLE!!!
                                     Candin giving me "the look"
                                                          And here are all the Rogers.
Grandma: What a wonderful idea filled with great memories!! Thanks sooooooo much!!!!


Bonnie Hynes said...

I think that's one of my favorite posts of yours! The pictures are so cute! I love the old man comment, I can totally see it! I love and miss you guys!

LUND said...

Pre schoool days bowling.. what a varvelous gathering and celebrating idea. Everybodyd was there and looked as if they were bowling like the pro's.

It all is good. Glad we got a shot of the "mom's" as well as the grandma.