Monday, August 15, 2011

Kade's baptism

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to go to my nephew's baptism. It was sooo beautiful!!! I was so proud of him. After the baptism, Kade was in his adorable new pinstripe suit and we had made him some rings out of five dollar bills for a present. He put them on his fingers and loved that he looked like a gangster!! Such a hoot! And I need to give a "great job" to my newphew, 12-year-old Cooper, who gave the best talk on the Holy Ghost ever!!! So proud of you Newman family!! Thanks for letting us join in your special day!

My family pictured here. It was great to get a picture with all of us in it, but if you look closely, I have a tight grip on Will's arm because he kept running away.

Newman children: Cooper, Kade, Candin, and Kayla. This was their "goofy" picture and I love how Candin snuck in a kiss at the last second.

Everybody except Cooper...

There we go... All the Newman children.

Proud mother and son

My older sister Alisha with Kade and my younger brother Ryan who had the opportunity to both baptize and confirm Kade. He did a great job!

And here are the two that entered the waters together. Thank you Ryan for taking time out of your busy life at BYU to make it for his special day!!!

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Happy said...

Christa, what a GREAT pix of your family. I am glad that you got one. That is just too cool.