Friday, August 12, 2011

The first day of school, among other things..

Medical news: It turns out that my painful episodes with my stomach and back are actually related to gall stones. Passing a gallstone is way more painful than it sounds... seriously!!!! So, it looks like the gallbladder will have to go, but that is on the backburner for now. Enough medical news...

And, due to my wonderful cancer news this week, I have been a bit behind on posting about "real life" here at the Johnson house. This past Wednesday, my children all went back to school and we have started a new phase in my life.... EVERYONE IS AT SCHOOL ALL DAY LONG!!! I didn't realize how exciting this phase will be, but after three days, I am hooked!! I LOVE my alone time!!!
So, without further ado, here are my Elementary children on the first day. I still need to get Cassidy's picture, but she keeps sneaking out of the house when I don't notice.... maybe cuz I am still in bed when she leaves. hummmmmmmmm.
 Sarah is a big 2nd grader this year and she is very excited to ride the bus!!
 My two bus riders waiting.........I can't believe Lund is in the 6th grade!
                                                  ................they are really enjoying their school year and their teachers.
     And then I take Will outside to wait for his bus. But since it was really hot, he found the only shade he could.. behind grandma's car.
And of course he had to be goofy!! That would be my Kindergartener!!


Bonnie Hynes said...

I love it!! Sara looks so excited with the same HUGE grin in each picture! I love that they are still excited to go back to school...when does that go away? :)

Happy said...

Christa, do you have an email addy? I need to reach you regards to Mark flying into PHX.