Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bird is the word!

Lately my kids have been OBSESSED with birds!!! (thank you Garino family for gettng them started!) The Garino's told us about an exotic bird store not far from our house and since then, they ask us EVERYDAY to go to Cage World!
 I am sure the kids would LOVE to have one of these at home, but they cost upwards of 5,000.00
 This is more what we are looking for. All my kids are madly saving their money to get a parakeet.
                             Even Will isn't intimiated by the little ones...

 And this HUGE guy is 10,000.00 and his bird poop is nothing to luagh at!!! In this picture, he is actually taking my button from my shirt in one fail swoop!! At least he didn't decide to take my nose or something!
                                 This is a Brazillian something or other...

 It is crazy how "up close and personal" everything is!! I am still waiting for one of my kiddos to get a big bite on the finger. But, I think they would want to go back even if the bird took the whole finger off!!!
And here is their favorite bird, "Meggie". He is a Gumbrella as you can see by his beautiful headress!!! And he talks which is a HUGE bonus to my kids!!!

I wonder what they will be into next.......We have now had quite the extensive variety of pets in the Johnson house. Including: Two ball pyhon snakes, about 6 rats, cats, dogs, African Sulcutta tortioses, fish, parakeet, and a tarantuala. (the spider only lasted a day before we gave it to the missionaries, it FREAKED me out!!)


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

An old saying: "A Bird in the Hand is worth $10,000."
Hopefully the bird craze will fade into a grasshopper faze and all will be well in the end.

California is wonderful -- Grandma house is a little warm at 85 or so degrees and that is with NO air conditioner.. but coolish breeze keep it very barable. I will home tomorrow and Karen and Grandma head to Utah.

Happy said...

We loved our birds. Your little ones look like that they are having a time of their lives. Your house sounds like we need to rename it to the "Johnson's Exotic Inviting Getaway" I am sure that your will have a few more additions to your home. We miss you all and love hearing and seeing what is going on in your neck of the woods.