Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Words of wisdom about our dad.... (A bit belated)

Sit back everyone, we are going to tell you a little bit about our dad to celebrate Father's Day.....

   Dad's favorite thing to do:
Mom says: Play daddy gorilla on the trampoline with the kids. Sometimes they play Belly Ninja too, which is HILLARIOUS to watch. They each run at daddy's belly and bounce off in various directions all over the trampoline. He he he! Except if Morgan keeps losing weight, "Belly Ninja" might just be a fond memory. Lund: he likes to golf.
Cassidy: he loves to go camping.
Will: he likes to play with remote control helicopters.
Sarah: I'm guessing golfing.

Dad's favorite past time:
Mom: Breaking the "creamy barrier" while making thick and creamy mac and cheese, Walmart brand. He can only break the "creamy barrier" with the exact Walmart brand and the kids expect this delectable meal EVERY Sunday right after church.
 Lund: still golfing.
Sarah: Daddy gorilla

Dad's favorite color:
Mom: He is pretty found of his new red truck. So, for now, probably red. He also is man enough to wear pink occasionally for his wife, usually every Thursday is pink shirt day for dad.
Lund: I think it might be orange.
Cassidy: Green?
Will: I Think his favorite color is pink.
Sarah: I am guessing black or green.

What does dad want to be when he "grows up"? .....
 Mom: Daddy loves his job in the copper business, but maybe if he were dreaming, he would like to be a college professor someday. 
Lund: he wants to work in a mine.
Cassidy: he wants to be a balloon artist that makes lots and lots of money. Or maybe a real artist.
Will: I think....ummmmm....aaaaaa....fireman.
Sarah: He is already grown up. Maybe a doctor

Something daddy does better than anyone we know
Mom: Daddy has a REALLY green thumb when it comes to gardening and cultivating the Earth. He can make ANYTHING grow and then, he can cook with whatever he grows. That leads us to the second thing he is really amazing at....Cooking!!! He can grill, marinate, saute, fry, or whatever is needed to make AMAZING meals. And his secret: He never uses a recipe! 
Cassidy: balloon animals.
Lund: Daddy gorilla
Will: work really hard to fix stuff and make stuff.
Sarah: Daddy gorilla!

What we love about daddy:
Mom: He is super nice to everyone and he always plays with his kiddos and talks to each of them. He really loves us!!!!
 Lund: he is fun to play with like a squeky toy.
Cassidy: he is always nice to us and always has time for us.
Will: He loves us.
 Sarah: Cuz he is part of our family!


Jeremy and Ruth said...

That was sooo sweet to read! :) I love you family and I love my awesome brother Morgan, what an amazing husband, father, and brother he is!! :) P.S. I know a GREAT collage town he can come to to look for a job as a professor! :)

Wilson Winners said...

I love that picture of Will, he is looking SO much like Lund! This is adorable, I think my brother is pretty neat too!

Love From Boise!