Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The end of the beach tales...

Let's finish up our memories from the beach so we can get back to our 113 degree warm spell here in Phoenix....
 Next time you go to the beach with a five-year-old boy, bring along some old fashioned army men. Hours of fun. Of course, my army never won because Will let me know that his army men live forever. Dang! I guess I was on the wrong side.
Morgan and Lund love to dive against the waves in various fashions.
 Cassidy enjoyed playing with the yobe on the beach.
 Lund just enjoyed getting dirty all together.
 And we LOVED looking for animals and shells.
 Here is Cassidy with her little hermit crab. It actaully walked right out of it's shell and freaked Cass and I out. (they look really strange without their shells. Don't we all?!)
 Morgan and Sarah with a live starfish he found and a pretty decent size shell with an occupant still living inside.
 Will enjoyed playing with the twins.

 They were quite the 3 Amigo's. Thank you Short family for coming with us.
 I made him take this picture cuz he is so stinkin' handsome!!
 And their little Ella was adorable!!!!!!
 The boys also loved playing football in the waves...
 And showing off with the assistance of a local starfish
Since it is my blog, I get to decide how many pictures of Morgan make into the line up. And I decided that we needed this one too!!!!!! he is just that great!!


Bonnie Hynes said...

He does look so handsome!! Good work Morgan! The pictures are all so perfect, christa! Classic beach vacation shots. Hope you are feeling well! See you guys soon!

Countdown to AZ: 5 days!!!!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

SOO excited to see these faces in real life and not just through pictures (even though the pictures are WONDERFUL!)