Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer plans at the Johnson house..... also known as.... A mother of four, working around a cancer schedule.

Here is how my week has gone on the cancer front. I know you all know what is going on with the kids, etc.... but here is a cancer update to top you off.
Monday: I had a PET scan and an MRI on my brain to see if things have changed or gotten any better, etc.
Tuesday: The next day was my surgery day.
Wednesday: I tracked down my PET scan results and MRI results so I would have them at the Mayo clinic the next day. I also spent the day on pain pills sleeping and resting.
Thursday: Thursday came and four of us headed off to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. The car included Morgan and I and both our moms. When we got there, just like we had kind of assumed, Mayo hadn't recieved my records like they were supposed to. So, we handed over our hard earned copies and watched the doctor try his hand at radiology as he looked at my head and PET scan on his computer in front of us. What we learned: He is DEFINITELY not a radiologist. He tried to read the results and conduct the visit at the same time, but all we eneded up learning is that I am going to be in the Mayo study that I qualified for. Which of course, is good news. The bad news is that we didn't learn much from the tests. I did get a brief call from my other oncologist and he did tell me that he thinks he sees additional cancer in the liver. Gee, thanks for that. Oh, but he could possibly be wrong... awesome!!!  And they can't quite tell if the brain tumors are getting better.... they don't seem to be getting worse though.....hummm.
I'd have to say that I don't feel ultra informed at this time. Especially because I had to track down the records myself even though the daignostic place was supposed to send them to the doc's. Enough of my frustrations with the healhcare system...
So, back to the story.... Mayo wanted to start me on the study next week, but we are going on a family vacation, so I told them that they can wait until we get back. I am sick of putting our lives on hold because of my cancer. And my kids are sooooooo excited for our trip to California.
 Oh, and things got a lot better when I got back and saw this in my front yard.....

How cute is that????? You probably can't see me... I am hiding in the V. My good friend in the ward, Leann Brock and her daughter made this for me. She said it is better than a card. How true!!!!! It is now saved in my garage for a day when I need another pick-me-up!!! thanks Leann!!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

An excellent summary of the week with the communication issues noted. The pink giant "WE LOVE YOU" is definately the high spot.
We DO love you.
Mom Karen

Bonnie Hynes said...

you are surrounded by amazing people. wish we were closer so we could be one of them!