Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Preschool Graduation.... Let's send the cardboard mom to attend..

Will graduated from Preschool today! I am sure it was a lovely ceremony and I hope he behaved and knew that he was loved by his imaginary mom who wasn't really there. Where was I? Oh, at another medical appointment. Imagine that! For some reason today it was hard for me to let him go, knowing that he would see all the other parents there and wonder where his mommy was. It was especially hard because I knew I didn't have any "replacements" today. Usually if I miss something special due to a medical appointment, I have a "replacement" go for me. But, Morgan was out of town for work, my in-laws had an appointment at the same time, and my mom was required to go with me to my appointment so the therapist could instruct her as well.
I wrote a letter to the teacher, letting her know that I would not be there and would she please  help him to feel special. I included a Sees Dark Chocolate candy bar to seal the deal and watched him get on the bus. I know I am really being over-dramatic about this, but for some, it was hard to not be able to be there for my kiddo because of cancer.

 As you can see, I made him pose for a few pictures before he left...
    By the end, he was rolling his eyes at me!
 And there he on the bus with a candy bar and letter for his teacher in his pocket.
 And I was waiting for him when he arrived home from school, all smiles. He only mentioned once that there were a lot of other people there and not me. But, the very first thing he told me was that the candy bar that he gave his teacher is her very favorite and she was happy.
Will decided that getting his "preschool diploma" warranted standing ON TOP of the couch for his final picture!!! What a silly boy!!

 The rest of the day was wonderful. Morgan came back from his trip, we all played in the backyard in the beautiful weather, we had Mesa Frozen Yogurt together, we jumped on the trampoline in the rain, and the kids even played  "Kick the Can" with the coul-de-sac kids before going in for the night. All in all it was a beautiful day.  Sometimes things pull at my heartstrings though, and it really helped me to sit here and write about it.


marianne said...

Ah, Christa ... it sounds to me that you raised Will well so that he knows you love him forever. He's such a handsome graduate. xoxo

Jeremy and Ruth said...

Will does look VERY handsome. One thing is for sure, you kids will NEVER doubt how much you love them! :)

Bonnie Hynes said...

I totally get it christa, but you are amazing and your kids think so too. Live you guys, see you in about a month!!

runningfan said...

Will doesn't need a cardboard mom to know that you love him! You're doing the best you can in a really tough situation. Hang in there.

Wilson Winners said...

Thanks for sharing. That would have been so hard. I do agree with everyone else, Will knows you love him cause you are and AWESOME mom.

Love from Boise!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Sorry your inlaws were busy, We would have been there for sure had we known.

Love being here and being close to a family that is flys with the Eagles.

The Arizona cool weather is a real blessing we also get to share with you.
Love you all from us all MOM and DAD Johnson

Domitila said...

I am glad Will is 100% proud of his mom! You are probably wondering who is this lady writing, but as I was browsing for preschool graduation ideas I came by your blog and I was touched by it. I am a preschool teacher in BRAZIl at EAB (which is an American School in the capital city of Brazil) and I also have a kid in my class whose mom is undergoing cancer treatment and I want to say to both of you is that YOU ARE BOTH AMAZING mothers and your kids are so happy for the gift of having caring, loving, and strong ladies as their moms. Hang in their.

Ms. Domi