Friday, May 20, 2011

Morgan and I go on a date.... wahooo!!!

I have been bugging Morgan to go with me to Body Worlds at the Phoenix Science Museum since they came here for their limited engagement. Finally, he agreed and my mom was nice enough to watch the kids as we went on our date. We met at Morgan's office this afternoon, which is walking distance from the museum. We paid our gazillion dollars to go see the exhibit. I thought in my mind that I would be able to see cancer, and how it worked and stuff like that. In reality, Morgan and I didn't like it at all. Morgan put it perfectly when he said, "It's like a sickening circus. How many crazy ways can we cut up the human body." It wasn't what I expected at all and we flew threw it and then we were out of there. It was crazy to see parents with young children and even babies there. Do they understand what kind of nightmares these kids are going to have???? Morgan and I just felt that they didn't seem to appreciate human life much, as they artistically splayed open bodies left and right.
  But what we did like was the rest of the museum and the "kids version" of how our bodies work that they had downstairs. We loved looking at x-rays of human arms and feet and even animals. We enjoyed figuring out how everything works without the gross bodies everywhere. It was definitely more enjoyable!!

 This is close to Morgan's heart..... A huge copper slab! This is what he deals with at work...copper, copper, copper. In fact, I think the slab was donated from his company.
 Then we had fun in the kids zone stretching our bodies and learning all about our muscles. (Don't you all remember this test way back in junior high? You had to see how far you could stretch your arms on a board. I think it is a little bit unfair if you aren't blessed with long arms.)

This was more my style... A fake skeleton driking milk. Now that is science!! And I don't have to think about anyone losing their lives to become this display.
 ha! ha! O.K., so this was in the gift shop at the Phoenix Musuem. I was laughing soooooo hard. A piggy bank for "leaner" times!!!
 And any date is wonderful (according to Morgan), if you end it with a "Salsa Bar". We had a wonderful dinner at Baja Fresh before we walked back to Morgan's office and our car.
This picture was taken as we walked back to our car and it just shows that the middle of the Phoenix, in the middle of the desert, it can actually be pretty. (especially when the weather is being cooperative as it has been for the past week.)


Bonnie Hynes said...

I think I would totally agree with you on the museum. And I KNOW I totally agree with you on Baja Fresh!!! It's my favorite, but Mike doesn't like it much do its my sneak-and-grab-for-lunch-while-he's-at-work restaurant. But it's worth it!! Glad you guys had some time to yourselves. Luv you!

Valerie Ipson said...

Does your husband work for Freeport? Mine does.

It was interesting to read your take on the exhibit. I really wanted to attend, but we never made it. My son and daughter-in-law raved about it, but he's in med school (naturopathic medicine) and loves all that kind of crazy stuff.

You have a beautiful family and I pray you will be blessed through your trials.