Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet Oophy!

It is tradition that when I go into a surgery, I know that Morgan will be waiting with a new stuffed animal for me on the "other side". This week, after coming out of my surgery, I was awarded with an adorable old-fashioned looking pink pig, that we comically refer to as "Oophy!" (Due to my oophorectomy). I have quite a few stuffed animals now that I have collected: Bosom Buddy, Sad Dog, Ardie, Arnold, and Hair Bear (which is actually not a surgery bear, just a loss of hair bear).
So welcome to the ranks Oophy! I hope you like it here.
This is Oophy and the flowers that my mom brought over. They make a cute pair! Also, my mom brought over a to-die-for taco soup yesterday that was a big hit and my Visiting Teachers brought over an amazing dish tonight that was again, all the rage. Maybe I should just stop cooking because the kids seem to like everyone else's meals much better than mine. Hummmmmm.....that's a thought! Smiles!

Now, i would like to write a letter to pain meds....

  Dear pain meds,
 I think that you are wonderful at stopping pain. I just wish you weren't so wonderful about "stopping" everything else. Like my brain cells from functioning correctly. Like my eyes from staying open. And like my bowels that have come to a full and complete halt. thank you for your loveliness.
 p.s. I do still need you for the pain though, so don't be too offended!
                    From, Your faithful user for a day or two more.

And A Letter to Bill Cosby.....
    Dear Bill Cosby,
 I am sooo glad that your Cosby show is on netflix and that I will have the opportunity to watch all 201 episodes from the comfort of my own couch. I am currently on 29, but have learned a lot of life lessons thus far, such as....... Dads can actually be fun and nice and respected by their children, Children can show their parents respect and realize who is in charge of the house. Grandparents love being involved in their grandkids lives.  And working together as a family is funny and also fun.
        P.S Please send this letter onto the Disney Channel, because they seem to have lost ALL concept of family and respect in their shows.
        p.s.s. Luckily I have over 150 episodes left to my kids are learning about true comedy and respect and maybe some of it will wear off on them.
    From, A grateful mom!


runningfan said...

Dear Christa,

Two Colase a day will keep the constipation away. (Well, mostly.)

With love,

A fellow Zofran dependent

Jeremy and Ruth said...

hahah I love the Cosby show! And love netflix, and love yoU!!

Bonnie Hynes said...

I love this post! i dont know if its the pain meds or just your own awesomeness, but you are one funny lady! love you!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

The Cosby shows reminds of how a powerful effect families have on us. As you say, Disney as gone with the worldly instead of the eternal.