Thursday, April 21, 2011

What we have been up to....

I have been REALLY exhausted in my head because of the whole brain radiation, so I haven't had the energy to update the blog until now. On Wednesday afternoon, I finished my last dose of brain radiation and now we are just waiting for 30 days to get a MRI and PET scan to see if this all worked.
In the meantime we have.....
1. Been to Mayo clinic in Scottsdale and have a plan for a "trail" that I am qualifying for over the summer.
2. Been madly reading the book, "Anti-cancer", as requested by Mayo Clinic
3. Whole Brain radiation daily
4. Lots and lots of sitting and resting
5. Lots and lots and lots of eating per the steriods that have swollen my up like a fat chickmunk. If you gave me a cup a lard at any point in the day, I would gladly drink it and lick any remaining drops on the floor.
6. Working on a application for a Make a Wish program for stage 4 breast cancer patients. We are applying for taking the family to Florida or Hawaii or whatever else they set up. Wahooooo!!
7. Madly sweating due to insane hot flashes due to some crazy medicines. I even chilled down the house sooo much that I blew the air conditioner. Whoops!!!! Hopefully tomorrow we will be back to Antartica in the house after we get it fixed.
7. Oh, and the ward is bringing in meals three times a week and I have never appreciated anything more in my life!!!! I LOVE OUR WARD FAMILY!!!!
And, other than the cancer news............... here's a bit of real life lately.......
 My grandfather, Keith Argrabright, made a visit to see me from San Fransisco, California and we have been enjoying lunches out and talking and relaxing. He even got to witness the last day of radiation and watch my brain gettting scanned. Cool!!! Here is Grandpa, Alisha, Mom and me at MiMi's Cafe.
 We gathered at Joe's BBQ in Gilbert tonight with a whole bunch of the family. We are really enjoying grandpa's company!
 Wiemer/Argabright side of the family. Missing my brother Ryan, who will fly in tomorrow from BYU, and my oldest, Cassidy, and Alisha's oldest, Kayla. We will get more pictures tomorrow at our Easter brunch together and maybe we can even Photo Shop people in if we need to.. he he he.

 Here are my sisters and I. We are only missing my brother in this picture for a whole sibling/grandpa shot.
 And here is just one of the many moments of my neice Candin playing with one of the cousins. She is the most nurturing, loving girl I have ever met and he cousins just flock to her!!
 My parents and my grandpa Keith.
 And, in other news, Lund had his Pinewood Derby Races this week. It sure was a far cry from the Bagdad races that we were used to. You hire a company to come and set up the track and it is all computerized etc. Crazy awesome, but I still do miss the love and unity in the small Bagdad races.
  Each boy had an opportunity to "Start the race" and Lund was VERY serious when it was his turn!
 Some of our cheering section with our "Hornet" flags to support Lund and his car.

 His car is the 2nd lane, the black and yellow Hornet. Morgan let him make it ALL by himself as he supervised and it was adorable and even placed 2nd. I just love it when boys get to feel proud about their work on their car, that is where the magic is!!
 This has got to be my favorite picture because my teenager is supporting her brother!!!! I am sooo glad that is caught on film forever!! he he he
So, we have had a good week and are really excited for this weekend.  We will be having an Easter Brunch, Traditional Easter Fish,  my brother taking our family picture at the Mesa Temple before I lose my hair again, a beautiful Sabboth Day and an Easter Dinner at our house to top it all off.  We are sooooooo blessed!!!


Strong Family - said...

Been thinking about you a lot as you've done your radiation. So glad it's over for ya for now. :-) How fun to have your grandpa there. Have a fun time with Ryan and have a very Happy Easter!!! I hope you get to go somewhere completely amazing for your Make a Wish trip. Here's hoping for Hawaii! :-) You're in our prayers. Love, Lauree

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

A Great capture of the moments of time these last few days. What a beautiful and close family you have and are creating.
We love being able to be close and be part of it. Here's to your hair and your healthy. May both stay close.


runningfan said...

Thanks for the update. You're so inspiring to be so positive with all of your challenges!