Saturday, April 23, 2011

The oldest baby teeth in the WORLD!!!!!!

(Here is a picture of how old Sarah was when she got her first tooth!)
I have been waiting for a call from Genius Book of World Records for a while because my daughter (turning 8 on May 2nd), has baby teeth that think they are going to make it to her wedding! Her dentist said not to worry about it, even though she has a row of  "shark teeth" that have been present for a while.
It doesn't suprize me too much that she has baby teeth that won't leave, because when she was a baby, they wouldn't come. She waited 13-months until a huge top tooth decided to come. It was an adorable look, one huge tooth!!  he he he
 Morgan has been working with her for a while, wiggling, pulling, listening to her get scared and then repeating the process all over again. He has been soooooooo patient with her. I, on the other hand, have been wanting to grab the pliers and just yank. Sarah has been keeping her distance from me.
But the other night, as we watched "Despicable Me" as a family, Morgan tried to help her the whole movie..... wiggling, stopping, consoling her, and then starting over again. By the end credits, Morgan had his leatherman pliers situated on top of the tooth and Sarah was just sitting there, freaking out. I walked by to see the progress and Morgan repeated, " I promise I won't pull"...... and true to his word, he didn't. I  grabbed the end of the pliers and yanked. The tooth came right out and I turned to her huge, suprized brown eyes and said, "I made no promises. Your dad is still a man of his word."
    And so now Sarah has FINALLY lost a tooth!
Follow up to this story: The Tooth Fairy got so busy helping the Easter Bunny lately, that she actually forgot to take the tooth that night. The next night Sarah tried again and this time the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy left her coins and Easter treats. She was estatic!


Erin said...

I still have a baby tooth. And, I'm 32.

Bonnie Hynes said...

Way to go Sarah!! I still get the heeby-jeebies when I think of pulling teeth! You are a brave girl and you will soon be a rich girl via the toothfairy! Keep the teeth comin!

Bradley Bedell said...

Whoa! The tooth fairy forgot to take her tooth? Kidding aside, it took that long till her baby teeth came out? Wow! The funny thing about that it is she was the one who took out her own tooth.

Kristen Dismukes said...

I'm 35 & still have one so I doubt if guiness book of records will ever contact you. There are people 50 years old with baby teeth. So maybe should look it up before you go thinking your daughter is so special. Because she's not. In fact far from it. Baby teeth aren't adorable as an adult.