Monday, April 4, 2011

What is the cancer update?....

I figured I should probably update you viewers with everything that is going on in my cancer world, since I tend to forget to mention it on my blog. And just to give you the most recent update from my last PET scan about a month ago, the cancer is still spreading and I have a new tumor in my stomach and increased cancer around my heart and in my lungs. It is staying in the "soft tissue", which the doctor claims is a good thing because it hasn't spread to the liver or the brain. They figured out that the chemo medicine, Xeloda, that I had been taking for the past six months wasn't doing anything to stop or decrease the spreading of the cancer. It may have slowed it down a bit, but not enough to make a difference. I am now off that chemo med and onto a new approach, stopping all the estrogen in my body, since the estrogen feeds my cancer. So, for now I take a daily pill (Femera), and a monthly shot (Zoladex).
         What is my next step:
                   1. On April 14th, I will be attending my first appointment with the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ.  They had to first review my case with a panel of doctors and now I am on to the next step, meeting with the doctors.
                   2. I have found in the "Cure" magazine that there is a new medicine "Tykerb" that might help to improve my results with the current regiment I am on. I will present this to the doctors soon.
                   3. My Plastic Surgeon, who is amazing, is talking with some really good doctors in Phoenix and in Tucson about my case and we will probably be setting up appointments with them as well once she talks with them.
                  4. I have discovered that there is a way to take a sample of my tissue and send it to a lab in Tucson and they will test the tissue using various chemo meds and try to find an effective combination for my specific case. This sounds great to me because so far I have been the guinea pig for all my chemo meds..Taxotere, Taxol, Andromycin, Cytoxen, Xeloda, Tamoxifen, and now Femera and Zoladex.... hummmmmm... am I missing any? I would prefer if a pitre dish in a lab became host to all these poisonous meds and not my body. I think that is the better option...Actually I think it is the "duh" option, but whatever....
                  4. I am praying lots and trying really, really hard to trust in the Lord. I was really struggling with this for a while, the whole "thy will be done" was very hard for me. Then I finally told my husband to please give me a blessing (a special prayer in our religion, where the Lord can speak to you through a priesthood holder), and I was reminded that the Lord is in charge and to place my faith in Him. No matter what the doctors say, or the "survival rates" may show, the Lord is the one who will decide when I should come home! This was very humbling and encouraging for me because HOPE was the element that was missing for a while and it is amazing how much your life can change once it is there.
                   5. So, for now we have hope, faith, and a really great support team surrounding me, so I can't think of any greater medicine in the world!!!!


Farr Family said...

You are so strong!!! You are an example to me! We love you lots and you are always in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

You are a light in my life and I look up to you each and every day. Thank you for being such a beautiful example. My faith and prayers are with you always.

Bonnie Hynes said...

Thanks for the update. You could have fooled us about the lack of hope, you are amazing, optimistic and living each day to the fullest. Love you!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Said and well felt. Our conversation at FHE tonight was inspired and absolutely perfect, under the moonlite, the camp fire and with family. It was a moment to remember with love for having been there.
I didn't even miss my Monk.

DAD Johnson

Jeremy and Ruth said...

I hope and pray with/for you everday!! LOVE YOU!! Thanks for your example!
p.s. the priesthood rocks!!

Anonymous said...

You are adorable! The spirit and honesty in which you possess is amazing! I know it's been a struggle and many of those thoughts aren't just a quick conclusion you've come to in one night. You've used prayer, the priesthood, faith and your own drive and determination to get to where you are. You are an example to me! You are quite the tough cookie and quite a fighter all while turning to the go Christa!

Love ya! Leesh

All 7 of Us said...

You inspire me everytime I read one of your posts! In the short time that I had to get to know you, you were a great example to me! You are Loving Life the lord and your family..and it shows!

bek said...

even i know most of this already, it is so nice to be able to see it in black and white. and HELLO? why didn't they test the meds on your tissues a long time ago instead of sadistically (word?) trying them on you for 18 months!!!