Saturday, April 2, 2011

A camping we will go....

Our final trip for Spring Break was to visit our friends in Bagdad and to go camping for the first time this season. We bought a camper about 2 years ago but have only been able to use it a few times due to chemotherapy and sickness, etc. We were so excited to use it and see some of our best buddies at the same time!
 Good lookin' group of kids! Sarah, Canyon, Lund and Carolyn. Such good friends!
                                       ..........oh, and Will. Who just loves to do everything Canyon does, much to Canyon's dismay!!! he he he
 We had a hot dog roast with Roberta, some Hulses, some Brimhalls, and the Anderson's. Great times! I love this picture because Roberta is sooo intent on Will's conversation. She is such a good friend to my children!
 And here are Grandma Karen and Grandpa Thor and Canyon all cuddled together with that handsome Army man in the background!! I sure do love that rugged camper!!!
                       ...and I SWEAR he is drinking root beer!!! IBC Rootbeer is the best on camping trips!
Carolyn and Sarah near the river... It got pretty cold while we were there. Such a contrast to this week!
                              See how beautiful it is at Wild Horse Basin!!!! Very pretty desert!
And here are the REAL MEN who do all the work when we go out in the woods. They are just finishing putting our camper trailer down. I love sleeping off the ground!!! That is truly the way to go!

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Bonnie Hynes said...

Hey, I recognize that army jacket Morgan is wearing! I love camping, you are making me jealous. As much as I don't want the 100 degree weather, it would be nice to go camping this early for sure! Keep up the fun you guys!