Friday, March 4, 2011

In the meantime.... Five-year-old Heaven!!!

I still have a lot to report about the medical conference I went to last week, but in the meantime I wanted to catch you up on some memories.
On President's Day, all the kids had school off for the day. The older kids all had play dates with friends except Will. I decided that we could have a play date together. I called up Will's buddy, Grant, and we headed off to the mall to watch a dollar movie. When we got to the theater, all the movies were sold out due to the holiday. So instead, we decided to have fun inside the mall. Little did I know how exciting and exhausting the next couple of hours would be! The boys had the time of their lives and it was fun to watch them enjoy their day.
We started by riding the carousel.
                                      And we even got to meet famous people, like this cow!!!
                                              And then we were off to ice cream!
                   Next was the train ride through the mall. I ran beside the train taking pictures.

                               I am pretty sure they were REALLY enjoying themselves!!!
                                         Next on the agenda: the park inside the mall....

               Will always seems to get kicked out of the playground... I am not sure why???!!! Acutally this picture is a bit decieving because he wasn't yelling at anyone, just growling.
                                                   Then off to the toy store...
                   Where they loved watching this helicopter the worker was flying around the store.
                                        Will wanted to buy it, but we passed on that....
 Next was the "Hurricane Similator" where the winds became very intense. Will decided to try to shoot the simulator with his gun. Grant just thought it was hillarious.
                               They were so cute trying to defend each other in the simulator.
                           Probably their favorite thing though was the escalator........ crazy huh??!!
                                                            Cheap entertainment!

 Right before we left the mall, the boys saw a "Cotton Candy machine". Will had two dollars in his pocket, so they ran to make some fluffy candy goodness!
                  Here is Grant enjoying his ice cream. I guess the pictures are a bit out of order. 
 The boys watched intensely as their cotton candy was made by the "magical" machine.
                                                      oh baby!! Cotton candy!!!
                                       More growling at the playground.... dinosaur style!
                      They each got to pick out a cheap toy from the toy store. Grant picked out a glowing bird...
                  And Will decided to defend the universe with this plastic gun!
                                               Oh the joys of being a five-year-old!
This was sooo cute!! The boys decided to make beards and goatees with the cotton candy. Too funny!!

Thank you boys for teaching me how to be a kid again!!!! Now I need a nap!!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

You make me tired just reading about your day the mall with the 5 year olds.
Mom Karen

runningfan said...

You're such a good mom! Looks like a blast.

PinkyMcG said...

oh the mall! which one did you grace with your presence? i've forgotten what one of those looks like. how cool to have a playground inside.