Sunday, March 6, 2011

Remembering Logan, each in our own way...

Today was dubbed "Purple Sunday" by my friend in Bagdad. It was "Purple Sunday" to remember and celebrate the life of Will's buddy, Logan, who died two years ago this week. At the time, Will was just grasping concepts of the Gospel at such a primitive level that it was VERY hard for him to understand where his buddy had gone. But now, at the ripe old age of five, he speaks with me about Logan constantly. He is completely sure that Logan is having fun playing in Heaven and that Jesus is taking care of him. He grasps the Plan of Salvation much better than I do sometimes. It is so clear to him and it is so matter-of-fact. Where I doubt, he is positively sure! The blessing of the innocent mind!
We each wore purple ribbons to church and Will and Sarah wanted to watch the video about his life. It was beautiful, yet again, and brought back so many memories. Memories are wonderful things and I am so glad that we get to keep them as we travel through this mortal realm.
Sarah and I even chose to wear purple butterflies in our hair because Logan loved purple and he REALLY loved butterflies!!!!!
 We will definitley miss our little buddy, but we had a wonderful day remembering him and the happiness he brought to so many lives.

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