Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stubborn Miracle Child that I Love!!!

 Here is Breanna Pena after having a night that she thought might be her last on this Earth. Last night she was showing all the signs of going into septic shock and shutting down. But Breanna doesn't play that way!!! She is a fighter and NEVER gives up!!! And let's not forget the amount of prayers that were sent up to Heaven on her behalf last night!!

This morning I met them at the Clinic at Phoenix Children's Hospital and I got to spend the day with Breanna and her mom and dad Rick and Rochelle. They are the most inspirational family you will EVER meet!!! For the 1st hour Brea was awake and coherent and we joked and talked and hung out. That is when we snapped these pictures. She is like a gorgeous porecelan doll!! Then the meds kicked in and we tucked a blanket around her on the couch in the hospital room we were in and she fell into a deep sleep. I am sure last night was COMPLETELY exhausting for her!!!! The nurses kept coming in constantly giving her blood transfusions, platlets, oxygen, name it.
After Brea fell asleep we talked for hours about everything and anything and I even convinced Rick and Rochelle to go to lunch together while I babysat. It was such an honor for me!!!
                                                 I love that girl! Yea, I know I look like I didn't sleep much last night... well, I didn't! I slept from 5-7am. The rest of the night I was up praying, reading my scriptures, typing on my computer and even watching Psych. (really religious, I know... he he). I just wasn't ready to let her go yet. (Not that it is my choice)    So you can see why I am so happy to see her in this picture!!!
                                                    Love you Breanna!!


Natasha said...

Christa, I am so happy to see her sitting up with that beautiful smile. I am uplifted by her spirit. God bless both Breanna and you! Love you!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

Christa thank you for sharing this with us all.. She has inspired many, including me.

The Davenports said...

Thanks so much for sharing! Very uplifting and inspiring.

Farr Family said...

Such a touching inspiration Breanna is. I was brought to tears with these last 2 entries! We love you lots!!