Friday, February 4, 2011

Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet..otherwise known as...robots, robots everywhere!

It is February again, and that means the Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts to celebrate the birthday of Scouting. I am a den mom, but I have been a bit out of commision as of late with my latest surgery, so I just came to the event as a "civilian". It is AMAZING to see how much work those Cub Scout helpers do! They are simply terrific!
The theme was Robots and Recycling and so each of the centerpieces were adorable robots that the boys had made out of recycled materials. We sat at the table that held Lund's robot and man, it was soooooo cute! (Do boys like it when you say "cute" about their stuff?...hummm). I mean it was so AWESOME!!!

  Here is the table we choose to sit at with Lund's creation right in the middle. You can see how happy Will was about me photographing the event.
 The mingling game was bingo and you can just see the concentration on Will's face. Love it!!
  And look at these cakes?!!! Are ya kiddin' me? They were soooooo great!!!

                      Lund proudly displaying his creation!
                  Each of the boys got an award for their creative robots and each had a turn to go up in front of everyone and tell about their creations. Lund did a great job!!
O.K. this robot on another table was just too cute! It is saying..."give me a hug...take me home and love me!"" he he he


PinkyMcG said...

those cakes look amazing! congrats to lund on his robot! looks like a fun night for the family. :)

Farr Family said...

Good job Lund on your robot- I'm impressed! Looks like it was a fun night!