Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Lund, I love you so much I made you a puzzle". Otherwise known as.. Watch out Will has scissors!

Will today came running in and said, "Remember how I can use scissors now because I am in preschool now?" (this is when I knew we were in trouble...oh boy!) But then he sat at the fireplace and suprized me by carefully cutting out piece after piece of computer paper. When he was satisfied with his work he yelled out to his brother. "Lund, I love you so much that I made you this puzzle!"
                       I thought it was an awesome moment and Lund even attempted to do the million piece puzzle for a minute or two, but then gave up.
                                       Watch out!!!! Here comes Will with scissors!!
  He kept adding pieces all day long and by the end of the day, this was his finished project.

So, the real question is.......................... Do you want to put together this puzzle??????? hummm


Cinoda said...

How very cool!!! Go on Mama, give it a try!

sarabowles said...

Christa I think about you all the time! Especially when I drive past Mesa Dr. on the freeway. Which is like every weekend. I have been confined to the HSC building on the Polytech campus for the past three weeks per my insanity. I miss you too!!!! I would love to come over and lay on the couch with you while you drain. That would be so fun! You are so amazing!!! I love you!