Monday, January 31, 2011

I am the QB, yeah you know me.... (think rap)

This weekend I was grounded to the couch as I previously mentioned, but there was NO WAY I was missing Lund playing quarterback in his football game. So, my wonderful husband lugged a huge chair to the sidelines for me that had a place for me to put my feet up and everything. So, I still kept my feet up and got to watch Lund play football as well. AWESOME!! I love compromise!!
Also, today I went back to the plastic surgeon and he finally drained the left side of my chest. It was the craziest procedure with a lot of suctioning and pushing and it made me quite queasy, but Morgan thought the whole thing was cool. Now I have a drain coming out the side of me for a couple of days and I am back on the couch until that is out. I am getting pretty familiar with my end of the couch!

Well, enough of the gore, back to the football fun...
                                             Here is a view of some of Lund's cheer section.
                            And this guy preferred sitting on my lap and sticking his tongue out at me!
                                         And there is our fearless quarterback!!! Go Lund!
                                        Here is Papa Lund and Will discussing football and life in general.
 And here is a bunch of us all lined up to cheer for Lund. Sidenote: It was half time and Lund ran over to say "hi" and to eat a homemade cinnamon roll Morgan made for him. They were very, very yummy!!!!
                                       Will got smart and put sunglasses on, but he is still not facing the right way.
                             Will and Sarah always enjoy hanging out with Grandpa Wiemer.
 And you got to love that smile!!! We love supporting you Lund!
 Another sidenote: You won't see Cassidy in any of these pictures because she was home sick.
And of course, the best part of a football game is the post game McDonald's trip!!!


Wilson Winners said...

Wow he throws like a pro! That is so crazy about your chest drain procedure, sounds interesting. I am glad you will be feeling better soon.

Luvs from Boise,

Heather Wilson

granny said...

I'm impressed with all you manage to do from the couch (even a portable one)!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

The Blog is almost as good a being there -- which we were and LOVED IT. You family is NOT a couch type of family -- except under Doctor's orders -- and then it is questionable.
You forgot to mention and have a picture for the GARDEN that was initiated on Saturday. what a busy fun filled day.