Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Extravaganza!!!!!

Thanksgiving this year was the greatest holiday EVER!!!!! We had visiting family, we had a potluck turkey dinner, and we had love surrounding us!!! What more can you ask for....oh, and pie, lots and lots of pies!!!!!!!
There are a billion pictures, so let's just dig right in......

 My sister, Becky, brought over her 3-week-old baby who was a HUGE hit!!!!
 And of course, Morgan always loves to hold a baby. We did learn that Warren (sitting next to Morgan) does not like to hold babies. We figured it was because he might think she is a football during one of the games and pass her across the room. goodness, she is seriously so precious!!
 Here is the oldest and youngest in my family. My brother, Ryan, home from BYU, and my older sister Alisha.
 And here is more family from my side of the clan. Alisha, Becky, and her hubby Jeff.
 All the cousins LOVED to play outside on the trampoline and we didn't even make any trips to the ER...yipppeee
  I love it when a "tough guy" like Guilio Garino (Brother-in-law), holds a little precious child... how sweet!!
                                               My big Sis!
                                   And we really enjoyed working off all the turkey playing "So you think you can Dance", on the Wii.
Everybody was really getting into it.
 And I only took this picture to make my sister nervous. This is my 13-year-old niece texting while holding a baby... that is multitasking at it's best!!! (don't worry: I staged this picture, no babies were hurt in the photographing of Kayla)
 And my niece Chantell holding the baby.... can you tell that the baby was a big hit??!!!
 And here is Jeff talking on the "potato phone". My in-laws brought about 100lbs of Idaho potatoes here straight from, well...Idaho. We distributed them to many family members and Jeff got a kick out of how big the potatoes were.
 And yes, this is the actual mom, of said adorable baby. And yes, she doesn't look like she had a baby and a huge c-section just three weeks ago!!! What an amazing gal!
 My older sister can groove!!!!!!
 And my neice Kayla has got the moves too.
 This is my favorite picture to demonstrate how cozy our house was for Turkey Day. Can you tell I love my new house?!
 And while we were waiting for the turkey to cook and Morgan was back at the house cooking, a few of us went "geocaching". It was a lot of fun, but there were a lot of pokey bushes that didn't like us.
 Score! We finally found the "treasure"!! it was my first time "geocaching" and it was a lot of fun. I guess the Hynes and Wilson's are old pros at it, but you really need a hand-held GPS system to do it.
 This is a great memory as my dad reads a book to Will and his cousin, Eliott.
 Here is a gaggle of folks watching the football games. (and playing on their electronic devices as well)
Here is the Spread!!! I LOVED having a "potluck style" turkey meal. I think we should do this every year!!!
My brother Ryan got tired of Will complaining about walking, so he just picked him up and lugged him about. Thanks Ry!
And thank you Grandma Frazier for the pomogranates sent straight from your tree in California... they were a HUGE hit!!!!!!!!!!!


runningfan said...

Looks like the perfect day. Glad you enjoyed it!

Farr Family said...

Looks like an amazing turkey day!! You have an awesome family! We love ya!!

Bonnie Hynes said...

Just so you know, I totally snaked a few pictures from your blog and you may be seeing them again...on my blog! Thanks again for hosting us!

Cinoda said...

Christa, As a fellow breast cancer women, I enjoy reading your blog every day. I laugh at some of the things that your children say, and giggle at some of the pictures.
I know you have much more important things to do, but can I ask you a favor?
I cannot read the black text on the maroon background, do you think you can change your format so that I can enjoy your writings once again? Thank you for even considering this.