Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Temple lights, and of course, Mesa Frozen Yogurt!

The Day after Thanksgiving is always a wonderful day, and not just because of the Black Friday sales. It is because they turn on the Christmas lights at the Mesa temple. It is a beautiful experience that my kids didn't get to have until living here. There were crowds and crowds of people there, just like I remembered from my youth. And inside the Visitor Center stands the same Christmas tree that Morgan and I posed in front of for or wedding photographer...(has is really been almost 14 years????!!!!)....Ahhh the memories at the Mesa Temple.
 We went with the Hynes clan and Papa Lund and Gramma Karen. It was even a bit chilly, which is always fun in the desert.
 oh look, I am even in this picture because we made some poor missionary take a picture of all of us.
 Look at all those smiling faces, and a french Beret right in the middle!  Thank you Elder So-and-so! and his companion, Elder something-or-other!
 The girls were really chummy! Cassidy and Lucy sure bonded on this trip as the "oldest girls" in their families.
 Oh yes! then we had to go to Mesa Frozen Yogurt.  Yum-a-thon in your mouth!! (sidenote: I used to walk here everyday during the summer when I was a kid, and both my sisters worked there at one time or another.)
 Here is the other table of yummy-ites! (I have decided that Eliott is a GREAT picture poser ! he is always smiling so cute for pictures! )
And Will bites off a little bit more than he can chew so to speak. He loved getting to pick out his topping, "M-a-M's"

CANCER UPDATE: This is my "sick week" on my chemo meds. Which means, someone from the ward graciously comes in and gets the kids ready for school in the mornings, and then my mom comes over and gets Will on his bus and then runs any errands I need. And then, as if that isn't enough, someone brings in dinner. Sounds like the life, huh? I am being pampered on all sides. I wake up at maybe 1pm because of the exhaustion and have a few other side effects such as hand, foot syndrome, and nausea, but not too bad. All in all, I feel very, very loved from all angles! And now that Lund and Karen have gone back to help more family, everyone at church and all my wonderful neighbors have picked up right where they left off! Aren't I so incredibly blessed!!!!!! I am definitely feelin' the love! Thank you all from the bottom of my achin' toes!


Gwen said...

Johnsons, I LOVED all of the Thanksgiving photos! What a wonderful sight of family-food-fun- togetherness! And the photos at the temple make me wish I could hop on a flight and join all of you. We love you all! gwen

runningfan said...

I'm very glad your ward is taking such good care of you. Heavenly Father just knew where you needed to live!

How soon after high school did you get married, girl? Almost 14 years ago?

Bonnie Hynes said...

What fun we all had! You are so blessed, and the members of your ward are so blessed for all the service they are giving. You can make it through this week, and two lovely weeks will follow! Love you guys!

annebabe said...

oh friend, I love you. glad Thanksgiving was so fun, hurray for family visiting! and your ward is blessed to have YOU in their midst. enough said.