Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ice Skating and sore ankles....

We have finally decided to let our kids enjoy their childhood a bit lately. For the past year, we have had to restrict activities around our house because mom was sick, or we were moving, or mom was sick again or we were moving again. So, now that we are settled (forever!), the kids each got to pick a sport to play via the Gilbert Parks and Recreation.
The selections were as varied as my children are: Cassidy chose ice skating and volleyball. Lund chose flag football, and Sarah chose karate after the influence of her cousin, Lucy.
Our days are busier with the children in their new sport classes, but there are a few things easing my mind about it...
1. the classes only last five weeks.
2. My in-laws have been here to help drive them everywhere
3. Each class is only once a week, with the exception of karate.
4. If the kids hate what they picked, they can pick something else next time.
5.  The parks and rec classes are MUCH cheaper than anywhere else!

So, todays pictures will focus on Cassidy and her cold obsession...

                                She is on one side of the glass, and I am on the other...

By the end of the first class, they were jumping while skating, so that is pretty impressive. I am very proud of Cassidy and her new found love of ice skating. I just need to remeber to not wear flip flops and shorts to go watch her because it is VERY cold there!!

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