Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day Trip to Safford with my handsome chauffer

This past Monday I got to sneak away with my handsome hubby on a roadtrip for work. He had to go down to the mine in Safford to check on some of his site work there and I hitched a ride. We really, really enjoyed the talking and reconnecting with each other on the long drive there and back... and there were some other perks as well...

 I had a chance to see the Gila Valley Temple for the first time. Very beautiful!

I think it is neat that they have the plaque of when it was erected, because as the kids get older we can tell them about it and it is a date that they can remember.

 The other amazing perk was meeting up with one of my bestest friends that lives in Pima. Here is Destiny and Brooklyn. I can't believe how much she has grown since I saw her last!
 After we ate lunch together and helped out in Colter's kindergarten class, we were off to collect eggs from their chickens. That was a fun experience...
 Except for Brooklyn who had just been attacked by the rooster and wasn't sure if she liked eggs anymore.
This was the "guardian chicken" who wouldn't get off those eggs if her life depended on it. So we just picked her up and stole the precious orbs. But, she yelled at us the whole time, telling us what inconsiderate human beings we were..... agreed....but thanks for the eggs!
 It was a wonderful day trip and it was all possible because Lund and Karen stayed here to take care of the kids while we had our day away! Thanks sooooooo much!


The Davenports said...

I'm so glad you had a day away...and that you got to see the Bolingers! WOW Brooklyn has grown up so much!!

Wilson Winners said...

That picture of Morgan made me smile! You have captured him. You have great photography skills. I am glad you guys were able to take that trip together, sounds blissful!

Love from Boise,


Shem and Donna Barney said...

I am also glad you got to get away and spend some quality time together, but....we live in Safford too! Morgan didn't even stop by my desk to say hi while he was here! LOL! No, really glad you had some alone time. Love you guys!