Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Great Shall Be your Joy.... at the "ole folks home"!

Do you ever have one of those moments where you are sooo inexplicidly proud of your kids, that it brings tears to your eyes??? Well, I had one of those moments yesterday when we went to the "ole' folks home" for their Primary Activity Day.
A long time ago in Primary they asked the kids who wanted to play the piano at the Ole' Folks Home. Cassidy and Lund were happy to comply and yesterday was THE day. I have been sooo impressed with Cassidy and Lund as they have been practicing continually lately. I don't even have to tell them 15 times and then threaten them within an inch of their life. They have had motivation lately because they had the performance yesterday and they have their Christmas recital coming up in two weeks. (By the way, you are all invited! Call me for details).
My heart wasn't just filled with joy because of their performances, which were AMAZING, but also because of the amount of love the kids showed towards the elderly folks that live there. I am one proud momma today and we made some friends that we are going back to visit soon.
 Cassidy opted to play a duet with her piano teacher, "The First Noel". It was great!!!!  She dressed up so beautifuly with her matching scarf... I just love her styles lately!

 The kids also sang many primary songs, and here is Sarah being a snowman for the song, "Once there was a Snowman!"
 Lund picked "Holding Hands Around the World" and it was also amazing. By the way, both of my kids had it memorized and didn't need their sheet music.
 He was very serious while playing....
                                            Now, you have to understand that an hour is a long time for a four-year-old to sit still. In this picture, Will and his little neighbor had distracted each other for a while......
                                            ............What do you expect? They are 4!
 Some of the Ole folks, like Raymond that you see here, were sooo excited to see the kids that he kept leaning forward in his chair waving at them and trying to get their attention. It brings tears to my eyes now just thinking about it... they loved having the kids there SOOOO much!
 Isn't my smiley girl sooooo cute!!!
                             Lund was a great singer and really got into the songs.....
 When Will wouldn't be still any longer, I pulled him out of the crowd of kids and gave him to Raymond. It really made Raymond happy!!! I think Raymond was once a rowdy 4-year-old too!
And this is Maracella, a beautiful and loving lady that I met there. She brought her doll with her so her doll could see the performance as well. Oh, my goodness, the Spirit was sooo strong with these souls that are so innocent and loving!
  Another wonderful moment came when Tim in our ward who has Down Syndrome, ran up to one of the ole' folks and gave him a bit hug. I think their sweet, innocent spirits were speaking a language they know so well and give so!!!!


runningfan said...

Oh, that is tender. The lady with the doll...I love that!

Becky Rogers said...

You are always so up to date on your blog...I love it.