Sunday, October 31, 2010

My love/hate relationship with Halloween!!!


I REALLY enjoy this time of the year, when it is supposedly getting cooler (I say supposedly because it was in the 90s yesterday), and Halloween is in the air.
I also REALLY abhor this time of the year because I am CONSTANTLY trying to figure out costumes, Halloween party treats etc. for the kids. Never mind that we have a HUGE dress up box full of old costumes and other such collectibles, it still is NEVER enough....

 Case in point: At the kids' school, they didn't want the kids dressing up in their scary Halloween costumes at school, so instead they had a "Literature Parade". For the Literature Parade, each child in 1st thru 4th grade had to dress as a character from a book they loved AND dress a pumpkin up like that too AND bring the book to school that went with their costume.
 Sarah is Angelina Ballerina and she was REALLY excited about her costume all the way down to her tap shoes. (I love 2nd hand children's stores).
 And here Cassidy is helping Sarah hold all her stuff for the Literature Parade. Since the book was Angelina's Baby sister, she even made a "baby sister" pumpkin!!! Lots of work for a theme parade...I am tired thinkin' about it.
 Here are the kids dressed up for the ward's trunk-or-treat party. Please notice the treat bags! No, really, notice them!!!  I stayed up until midnight on Friday night sewing them. I wanted them to have big bags since it was a three ward activity. And also since Will claimed on Saturday morning, "I am going to get hundred of candy!!!"
 Please notice that Sarah is in ANOTHER costume, not her ballerina one. You should have seen Morgan and I scrambling before the activity trying to get the kids ready because they DIDN'T want to wear the outfits I bought for them..... arrrrrrgggggggg!!!!
 I finally said, "Whatever you are wearing in five minutes is what you will be this year!!" Lund thought he would be a smarty and said, "Fine, then I won't be wearing ANYTHING in five minutes!"
 He thought he had me until I said, "Sure, go for it, I will just say you are the Emperor wearing your "new clothes". Needless to say, he became a Ninja really fast!
 Then on Sunday night we had dinner in a pumpkin at Grandma Wiemer's house. All the cousins were there except new baby Raelynn. My kids weren't dressed up because we decided NOT to trick-or-treat on Sunday. It was a battle of wills and I am still not sure where I stand on it.... especially when Cassidy took off down the street without our knowledge trick-or-treating on the run. The punishment was: She had to give all her candy to her siblings!!! he he he
 Kade, Lund, Cassidy, Candin and Brody, Sarah, Cooper and Will
                                      What a lovely bunch of cousins. I just realized Kayla, my 13-year-old niece was not in the picture because she was hiding behind the camera. Sneaky girl.
 Gotta love this costume: Grandpa threw a Harley hat and a  huge spider on Will.
And oh boy, you gotta love these next two pictures. When are you too old to trick or treat??? Hummmmmmm And even better, they were drinking beer and walking at the same time.. is that legal????

oh, even better... the fat Scottish people are here!! And I am pretty sure the alcohol is part of the costume, but it also made their responses pretty interesting. (Note to self: don't ask the inflatable Scottish people any questions unless you want a really crude answer...)


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Careful of the Scottish People, but what you observed is really true -- as most of them loved their pubs and what is served there. I know for a fact !!!!

Farr Family said...

I love all of the costumes- you are so talented and nice to make them all. We didn't go trick or treating this year. We love ya!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Be sure to tell Lund that his costume was great because I looked at 2 pictures and thought Why isn't Lund in these pictures?" Then I noticed the stealth ninja. Nice job, Lund.
Grama Karen

Wilson Winners said...

LOVE THE BAGS! What a great idea. They are so cute! Sounds like you have some people in your neighborhood that trick or treat like we do. ;) Thanks for the update!

Luvs from Boise,


Jeremy and Ruth said...

I love halloween!! But that becaue i only have two kids and they both are young enough to wear whatever i want them too! :)

Erin said...

I think walking while drinking beer is legal... of them is holding a BABY and a beer! That should NOT be legal.
The bags are lovely. You're so talented. :)

Amber said...

If you're old enough to be drinking beer, you are WAY to old to be trick or treating for yourself...
just my opinion.
your kids will appreciate all of your hard Halloween work someday! Right...?