Saturday, July 10, 2010

Slumber party and new bedding

My kids were REALLY excited when Percy Jackson and the Olympians came out on DVD, so to celebrate we ran out and purchased our own copy along with TONS of junk food----everything you need to have a great family slumber party!!! The movie did not disappoint! (of course, we had already seen it in the theaters as well, but did not disappoint!)
Here is Sarah modeling her favorite treat in the whole world.... circus animal cookies! They are so stinkin' expensive, I think she has maybe only had them twice in her entire life! But still, they are her all time favorite!!!
And Cassidy is modeling the beloved movie!!! Her junk food of choice was Keebler grasshopper cookies (also a great choice!!!)

And in other news, I purchased new bed sets for the boys and girls for the new house. This is an example of the boys' matching sets....
And here is a variation of the girls' sets. Cassidy was really wanting "blue" everything, and it is hard to find a cute set for girls that is the color blue. Hopefully when we get into our new house, the bed sets will really stand out in their rooms.


runningfan said...

I totally LOVE the bedding sets! Super cute. Where did you get them?

Farr Family said...

I LOVE the bedding!! Both are so cute!!! I'm sure your kids were so excited!! I'm sure they will look awesome in your new house!