Saturday, July 10, 2010

House Celebration!

Since I am way behind, this post is a bit outdated. But, since I am trying to journal everything, you have to put up with me.
This post is from June 3oth when we finally signed (again) on the house. We celebrated by going to Peter Piper Pizza and having a ball!!! Since there was significant "structural damage" with our first house, we had to spend countless hours and stress trying to find another home. We didn't want another home though, we wanted the first home and the first ward and the first cul-de-sac. After much consideration and negotiating, the owners decided to spend the 30k plus to fix our house and sell it to us. We were excited, and after signing the papers again, we celebrated the end of my ulcers and the start of waiting another month while repairs take place.
Will was sooo excited to earn enough tickets to get vampire teeth....scary!!!!
Lund, on the other hand, was excited to get his hands on a "popper" and was popping it off of everything he could find, including his chin. (ouch)

And now with the head...
I think Cassidy went for the "vampire look" as well!
Morgan was just content to sit there looking crazy!
Man, that is one crazy tongue he has going on there!
Sarah just had a great time going up and down the slide and drinking root beer!
Now we are in a "holding pattern" while we wait until the end of July to hopefully move into our house.

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Wilson Winners said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I miss Peter Piper Pizza.