Monday, July 12, 2010

One of those days....

8:30am: Will comes into my room, "wake up! it is wake up time! I am HUNGRY!"

10:15am "Mom, where is the vacuum?" Cassidy yells down the hall. I go out to and see sugar spilled all over the floor, couch and labtop. "what?" I ask.... "Well" Cassidy begins her story, "Sarah knocked me into the cup of sugar and I knocked it over." hummmmm... I ask the general population of children surrounding me, "why was there a cup full of sugar next to the couch?" No response...... Later, Lund fesses up that he was the one who was eating sugar spoonful by sugary spoonful out of a cup and sitting on the couch watching TV. o.k..............hummm..............

11:10am After watching all my kids in their first day of swim/dive lessons, I am actually sweating bullets, well, just big drops of sweat anyway. The dive coach calls me over and tells me in front of Lund and Cassidy that they need to be in beginning dive team instead of intermediate dive team. I tell him that they can do front flips and back flips off the diving board. He tells me that they don't have any form. "Oh" I remark....."o.k. what do you want me to do?" "Well" the 18ish-year-old instructor that acts like he just got off a surfboard tells me, "Yea, today was pretty much a waste of my time! They need to be in the beginning class."
So, I work with the lady in the office and she helps me to switch Lund and Cassidy to a different dive team and also helps me get Sarah and Will in the same time frame. thank you office lady!

11:45am We get to the elementary school near my mom's house to eat our free lunch and after I get the kids out of the van, Will just stands there and pees his pants all over the ground. He looks up at me and says, "I was tired." hummmmmm....... So, I completely change him in the van and then when we finally get to the school office, they tell us that the school lunch program is over for the summer.

1:10pm I am laying on the table at radiation and the radiation tech is looking at my chest and he isn't very happy. "How did the tape I put on come off?" .."Well,.." I reply.."The tape ripped my skin off, so it just came off I guess." He tells me that he is giong to have to get mean with me and stop being so nice...hummmmm. Then they proceed to rip the rest of the tape off, (and more skin) and reapply more tape over my hurt skin, (ouch). And now I have new tape on... and it is coming off too... Tomorrow is going to be fun.

2:30pm I am at Gilbert Parks and Recreation turning in "proof of residency" so that I can sign up for classes for the kids for fall the next day at 8am. The gentleman at the desk tells me that I need 2 forms of residency and that he would put a note on my account until I had two forms turned in. I told him that we didn't have anything else yet because we weren't into the house yet. I am starting to wonder who is committing "residency fraud" just to sign up two days early for recreation classes...hummmmmm
Then I ask him if I could get onto one of the adult sports leagues..."which one? volleyball, softball or basketball?" I reply that I will play any of the above.. "They are all full!" he responds. "For the rest of the year?" I question.. "Yeah, for the whole year." arggggg!!!

3:30pm While driving back to the appartment the kids are fighting again (it is almost unbearable lately), and Cassidy just starts crying. She just can't handle the life stress anymore. They didn't ask for a whole change of life. They didn't ask for a mom with cancer. They didn't ask for a life of appartment living with no friends for two months.... they didn't ask for this......

4:00pm Will sits his poopy bum all over the clean laundry and couch. Hey, at least he went poop in the toilet, now we just need to master the wiping part.

....But, before you thing I am totally Debbie the last entry

6:00pm I get a phone call. It is Edu-prize Charter school. I had put my kids into the lottery for enrollment, not thinking they would ever make it in, at least for a couple of years. This is one of those schools that people place their kids on a waiting list when they are born. And if they have open spots, they are drawn from a lottery of hopeful children. Well, guess what? They were trying to fill a last couple of spots and they drew out Cassidy's name. And as luck would have it, they have a "sibling policy" and so all my kids got in!!! hippppp hoorray!!!! And even better, they start school next Thursday...wahoooo, and their schedule is from 11am-4pm everyday. How awesome is that?!!! Now I just need to locate some school clothes for them and round up ther immunization records and birth certificates, which might be hard considering they are in storage.....somewhere!


Strong Family - said...

I'm so sorry. I have to confess though that I like hearing about days like that so mine feel normal too. :-) But that one was a bad one. Hope today is better! :-) Lauree

Bonnie Hynes said...

Awe, Christa! What a day. That is good news about the school: that they got in the school you wanted, and that their summer will be abbreviated! Tell cassidy to be strong! I survived a move, and since she is my emotional twin, I know she will too!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

I LOVE YOUR FAMILY!!! your kids are soo awesome! I totally know how Will is feeling. Being pregnant i am soo sick of going potty, sometimes i just want to pee my pants, simply because I AM TIRED!! I'm soo happy they got into that school!! I know you guys were really worried about schooling for them!! THey are amazing and you are too.. you guys are being blessed!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

ps. i know how Lund feels also! There are many times i want to sit on the couch with a bowl full of sugar and eat it by the spoon fulls. Doesnt everybody?

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

So good to talk with you today. (I had not read your blog. Wow!)
So glad about the school. It will be perfect for the kids.
So glad that radiation will be over on Friday.
So glad that you are family.
So glad that you said yes to our son when he proposed!
So glad to know you and to love you!

bek said...

oh em gee, chris. good grief. did you tell the kids you didn't ask for any of that either? argh. so are you going to get out of radiation or did they find some random statistic that you fit into wherein you need 4 more weeks of radiation? i'll be the whiney friend. i got no problem with that. miss you a ton. oh, and if your kids start school next week...:( no more summer visits to bagdad!

runningfan said...

What a day! I'm so sorry for your upside-down life! But I am thrilled for you that your kids got into the right school! What a blessing.

Gwen said...

Christa I have days like the one that you posted in my journal (minus cancer)and I have read them over the years just to see what I am really made of...after all we are still alive right? GOD JOB!! You are amazing. I am so glad that you got all your kids into the school that you wanted. We love you gwen and Howard