Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July afternoon

O.K. I am back to getting up to date on my life..... We proceed with the afternoon of the 4th of July. The town of Bagdad doesn't hold back when it comes to holidays and the best part is... it is always FREE!!! (Well, not free for Freeport McMoran who pays for all the community events).
So, after the awesome parade and some relaxation time (a.k.a. mom took a nap!), we headed to the Community Campus for an afternoon of fun. There were inflatable things doting the whole grass area and even more fun to be had in the pool area. So, enjoy the memories... I know we did!!

Let's get this party started Lund!!! He is wearing the 4th of July shirt I bought for him. See, it has red, white and blue!!!
This is my very determined 7-year-old!!! Watch out world!

And watch as Lund takes a tumble down the huge inflatable slide...
Tori Pacheco and Lund are so cute together!!! Don't let their cute faces fool you, those two are very, very smart kids!!
You'd never guess it by their goofiness, huh?!!!
And then over in the ring, Cassidy takes on Tori Pacheco. They had so much fun with those huge gloves!
Look at those girls go.............
And this was soooo cute. Sarah took on an older man in the ring!!! But when she has gloves on, watch out!!! Thanks for being such a great sport Bryce!
Can you guess what Will wanted to do all day??? That's snow cones!!! he was on #4 here!
Oh, how I love these two!!!
And Will loves to hang out with his "Grandpa Four!!! (Thor Anderson)" We sure love those Andersons!
Here is Will holding all of his loot after the swim games were done!!! They sure raked it in!
Sarah was in the middle of a relay race where you put a shirt on and then race through the pool. She is a bit compettitive!
And here goes Lund with the shirt on racing through the water!
And here is Cassidy waiting for her brother/team member on her side of the pool. She is really tan this summer, she definitely has her daddies skin color!
Sarah in the pool with some of her friends...
My crazy monkey... just put on a life jacket and some goggles and he is unstoppable!! (Which is must better than last summer when I couldn't peel him off my side all summer)

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Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Let's hear it for the 4th of July in Bagdad, almost more fun than a body can handle. I bet friends were as happy to see you as you were to see them.