Friday, June 25, 2010

Science and the Metro

For Lund's birthday this year we had a wonderful time... We had tickets to get into the Science Museum in Phoenix from Morgan's work. And, instead of driving there like normal people, we decided to try out the new light rail system here in the valley, otherwise known as "The Metro". Will thought it was amazing and commented that he was "flying". The other kids liked it as well, but didn't enjoy all the walking in the hot weather (110 degrees). On the way back to our car stop in the evening, there was a car accident on the rail and so we had to get off the Metro and wait for a city bus. It was a very interesting experience and now I can officially say that I have ridden the Metro and the city bus. (but, I probably won't ever do it again. It was definitely a "once in a lifetime" experience)
We had a chance to go to the museum with Morgan's parents who are here visiting and his sister Alicia and her son Guilio. We really had a great time, even though we got there an hour before the museum closed and had to rush through everything.
After the museum, we walked over to Morgan's office and got to see the view from his office on the 22nd floor!
The view from Morgan's office window
yes, this view made me scarred due to the fear I have for heights.

hanging out in his office..

"Fear Factor" was the theme at the museum and this is Lund on the "fear of falling" ride. I did it too and screamed very soundly! It was quite a startling experience, even though you knew you would be perfectly safe.
.....................and there he goes, falling backwards!

...And here we are with tickets in hand, riding the Metro
Don't ask me why, but the kids insisted on taking a picture of this sign! (We were in the drive-thru getting shakes before we embarked out in the heat)
Here we all are riding along...
Will loved it and held his airplanes in his hands the whole way insisting that he was "flying along" the road
the happy birthday boy!

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Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Great picutures of a fun evening!!