Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lund turns double digits!!! Really, truly, my kids are getting old!

Here is the earliest picture that I can find of Lund on my laptop. The others are all in storage until we move into a house. He was two at the time and we were in graduate school in Flagstaff, Arizona. Isn't he such a cutie!!!

Lund is turning 10 on Thursday and I am stumped as to where these ten years have gone!! I can still remember giving birth to him 10 years ago...... he came a month early and the doctor told me he wasn't ready, but Lund had other plans! He has been a joy in our life everyday since then!
Qualities I love about Lund....
* He is AMAZING at building things, Legos, K'nex,..... anything. He can build ANYTHING and he never even uses the instruction manuals.
* He is super sensitive and always can tell what others are feeling. he is very, very caring!
* He loves to play sports and is really good at them
* He is great at taking out the trash (don't laugh, this is an AMAZING quality)
* He is super spiritual and always seems to understand and retain spiritual concepts.
* He is an amazing student!! Every teacher he has ever had can verify this! He is very attentive to his teachers and sits quietly in his chair. (the "sit quietly" trait is my favorite)
* He can do math proplems that I can't even solve, (this isn't exaclty hard since my math skills are mediocre at best.)
* He LOVES doing projects with his dad. Whether it is yard work or building something, he is always game.
* He loves his name and loves that he and his grandpa have that in common!!!

There is so much more I love about Lund, but I just wanted to let him know that I love him and wish him a happy 10th birthday. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate his special day by going to the Arizona Science Museum and he is super excited! I will report about that later... (I will also report about Father's Day eventually too...)

Tonight we let him open his presents from Morgan and I. The theme this year was Lego mania. So he got lots of Lego sets and a rubbermaid tote to keep them all in.

And as a special present, we let him stay up as late as he wanted creating with his new Lego sets. He made it until 11:05pm, and then crashed, leaving his creations on the table for his dad to see in the morning.

Holding up all his Lego treasures. Will was really excited because he has been really into Lego's lately and considers the new sets mutual property.

He was pretty excited about his presents!


Jeremy and Ruth said...

I should show Lund some of the AMAZING Lego creations Jeremey made when he was young, i'm talking air operated cranes and tractors and stuff, he still has them and plays with them from time to time. I love that Lund is so caring and sensitive! I have always thought he is just the cutest thing ever!!!

Krista said...

What a CUTIE! Conor is actually playing with his new legos that he just bought from walmart with his hard earned chore money. Happy Birthday Lund!

Farr Family said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! How awesome him and Jacob share a birthday! He's such a cutie!

bek said...

notice will is just as excited as lund in the last picture. i can just hear him scheming. when ammon (my kid bro-in-law) turned 10 he was heard to say "made it to the double digits...now my goal is the triples". so here's to the triple digits, lund! happy b-day!