Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Good Ole' Days and the new memories as well!

This past weekend Morgan and I had A LOT of fun!!! Some wonderful people we graduated with way back when had a get together. In the morning, we met at a park and all the men played flag football, while all of the women charted out the route to the nearest hospital and checked our insurance cards to see if they were current! Luckily, no one was seriously injured, unless you consider some serious soreness an injury! Most of these guys were football players in high school together so it was heaps of fun! I really, really, really wish my camera was working!!! have I mentioned that lately at all.....hummmm..!
Then we met the Hulse family from Bagdad at the Chucky Cheese and had a grand ole' time there. A funny thing happened as we drove to the Chucky Cheese. We had swapped Caroline Hulse and Cassidy and we were going to swap them back after lunch. Caroline, who is truly the sweetest little girl ever, said to the other kids while we were driving. "I imagine that Chucky Cheese has lots of fun things to do and games to play and it is wonderful. At least when I dream about it, that is how it looks! I dream about it a lot!" Hopefully, it met all her dream requirements. She did look like she was really enjoying herself while we were there.
After that we had a break and then my wonderful parents came over and watched the kids while Morgan and I went on the first date we have been on in a very long while.
Alisha Newman, otherwise known as my brilliant older sister, set up the dinner and it was TREMENDOUS! We ate at Tia Rosa's, and pushed all our tables together and talked until they closed down the restaurant. Wahoo, it was so much fun and I really, really like the gang that was gathered there. Some really great people! And everyone is at different stages in their lives, some are single moms trying to make it by, others are done with school and have great jobs and still others have been in the military for years. Some are returning to school after years of "floating", and some are just single still looking for the "right one". Everyone had a different story, but everyone had a tremendous time!!! I can't wait for the next gathering!!!
Here is the dinner group gathered together when we were about to leave. (My dad let me borrow his camera to quell my withdrawals.)
Again, here is everybody. I am in the back row. My hubby had the "sleeper hold" on me!!
This was a happy moment for me!!! I have sworn off of treats in the home, but I allow myself to eat a treat when I eat out. This was tremendous, but very big. Morgan had to help me finish it off. Dang, it is making me crave it just by looking at it.... I had better scroll down now!
these two crazy cats are Mike Richardson and his new, adorable wife, Kelly. When I was in high school, Mike Richardson (Lurch), used to pick me up when I was walking to Seminary. But then again, he picked everyone up! In fact, I think he is the only one who ever picked up my dad and mom. he he
These two were such a hoot together. Morgan and Lurch were great friends in High School and it was so hilarious to see them together again. The serape (spelling?) in his hand was a decoration at the restaurant, but they wanted Morgan to hold it because he used to wear one around school all the time. I don't remember it being pink though!!!
Just more of Mike and Morgan hashing out old stories!!!
And of course, Lurch picked him up. This doesn't surprise me in the least!
Here we all are mingling and getting to know each other. We really did have a blast and some simply hysterical stories were shared!!!!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

The Lord has blessed you with love as is evident from this entry. As you get older (even older than you are now) the great memories of the past make the present as joy. old friends, like hair, return and make life full and warm. (a famous saying I just made up).
I am soooooo glad you are enjoying your new surrounding, as moving is very hard to do. We look forward to being there a 3 weeks. DAD and MOM Johnson

Bonnie Hynes said...

Wow, it looks like Morgan is still losing weight? Nice, way to go bro! I showed mikey the picture of Morgan holding the serape, and Mikey laughed because the pose is a classic Morgan pose! Too funny; why does he always do that robot arm thing! Love him, and love you all.

runningfan said...

Is Morgan an MHS grad?

Jeremy and Ruth said...

HOW MUCH FUN!!! That is awesome!! You know i have sworn off treats at my for a while also!! SO HARD!! If anybody understands it is you! You are my fellow treat lover!! Not fun but good for me!! Maybe we should get together and to celebrate eat lots and lots of treats! You know, just to celebrate!! I like Dad's saying "old friends, like hair, return and make life full of warm(th)." hahaha

Wilson Winners said...

Wow that looks like fun,who are all the people that went to the dinner? I am glad the move is going well. You guys look fabulous!

Karen Anderson said...

Thor and I check your blog all the time to see what funny things the kids have said. We're glad you are all having such a good time in your new location...but we miss you! We are looking forward to the4th of July! I will have plenty of chocolate on hand for Christa. Hugs, Karen and Thor (Grma Karen and Grpa Thor)