Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sarah is seven and she is in heaven!

Sarah, my little brown-eyed girl who I could swear was just born yesterday, turns 7 this weekend!!! We decided to surprize Sarah at school by bringing her "crown cupcakes" and balloons and flowers. The flowers were from her brothers, because I am training my boys how to treat the ladies! We love so many things about Sarah and I just can't believe how fast she is growing. She loves school, she loves riding her bike and she loves, loves, loves animals. When she grows up she wants to own her own pet shop. Oh, how we love you Sarah!!!! Happy Birthday!
Here we are suprising Sarah in her Kindergarten class.
Sarah loved passing out the cupcakes and asking which color every child wanted.

Here she is with her cupcake. Thank you Family Fun magazine for the recipe.
This is just one of my favorite moments ever! Sarah is in front of her class for "show and tell" explaining how much she loves the flowers her brothers gave her. Just look at her face, that is love!
I know I don't put many pictures of myself in lately, but here I am with my big girl!!! Love you Sarah!
Then right after school was over we went to the park to have a pizza picnic and celebrate her birthday. While I was running over to the school and doing pizza errands, Destiny was at my house whipping up a second batch of cupcakes. Thank you soooo much Destiny, you are a lifesaver!
Daddy even met us over at the park for lunch. We had Sarah close her eyes as we rolled out the big present.
And here is her happy expression as she saw her new bike!!!

She was thrilled. It was just like she always wanted..... Here is what she wanted for her birthday: a bike that doesn't have princesses on it, not pink, and a basket on the front. Well, we did our best and here are the results.
And off she goes!!!
She was in love!!! A baby blue bike with a basket in front and a bell to ring as she goes by!!!
The happy birthday girl!
And of course, Lund was on his skateboard right next to his sister..
And of course, there was a lot of falling as well!
And here is the picture of the basket. Morgan bought the basket and I had fun dolling it up with flowers and her name and lots of "bling".
And of course, Will loved chasing Sarah around on her bike.
Will loved checking out all the specifications on her bike and she loved showing it off.
And here is a girl who loves her daddy!!!!
We sang to her but it was way too windy for candles.
Happy birthday Sarah!!! every girl loves her cake!!!!


Bonnie Hynes said...

I want you guys up here so badly! I love family birthday parties...thanks for all the pictures! Love you guys.

Lydia Hulse said...

Looks like you had a great b-day sarah! I`m sorry I couldnt make it! I had to do a job for the Anderson`s.

Farr Family said...

Sarah is so beautiful and reminds me so much of you Christa. Happy Birthday Sarah!!! I love the cupcakes also. Cute idea!! Christa I can't believe you are moving to the Valley. Now we will be able to get together and have fun!! Hope the house hunting is going well! Love ya lots! You are still my hero!!
Kimberly and the boys

Grandma LeSueur said...

So cute!! I love the "basket bling!!"