Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here's the edge of the Earth, and here is me falling off it...

For those of you who think that I have possibly (again) fallen off the face o' the Earth... Well, it is almost true because our life has been a bit topsy turvy lately! We finally made the move from Bagdad to Gilbert, Arizona and it was a very emotional move for us. In Cassidy's own words, "Mom, you are ruining my life forever!!!", which is pretty much how she is feeling right now. She will adjust at some point, but she is leaving behind the best friends she has ever had. In fact, all the kids are leaving behind the best friends they have ever had and pretty much the only home they can remember since we have lived in Bagdad for six years. When we moved to Bagdad Sarah was only 10-months-old and Will was still a twinkle in our eyes. Cassidy was about 6 and Lund was 4....
Well, here are a bunch of memories from the past week or two...
A bunch of ladies in town had a Going Away Lunch for me at the park. Lots of friends and food, what more could a girl ask for??

And here are all the ladies toasting me with their Martinelli's and a smile!!! I love you ladies!! I have made some of the best friends I have ever known in Bagdad and I will always remember the closeness and love from these gals!
Lund played in his last game before we moved and he made an AMAZING catch to finish off his season. Here is a picture of Lund with one of his coaches, Christian Pacheco. His coaches were sooo amazing and they really helped Lund build some self esteem this year! thank you coaches!!!
Here is my big man out in right field just about to make an amazing catch!! The boys on his team were so excited when he caught the ball, one boy ran up and hugged him right in the middle of an inning. Then after the game was over instead of saying "One....two...three.... Diamonbacks! they hollared One....two.....three.....Lundy!" He was on cloud 9 or maybe even 10. Thanks boys!
Here are the girls in the stands watching Lund play ball. Cassidy, Sarah, and Tatum.

Instead of a bat, he was holding a Snickers bar....wierdo!
Cassidy watching Will and Sarah play in their last game! Cassidy, you are such a trooper and my friend in the stands!
Then, we had to get Dot ready to move, so we "watered her" for a while before Morgan transported her down to Phoenix to my sisters house temporarily until we get into our house. If you are wondering why you would "water" a tortoise before you travel..... well..... it makes them get everything in their body out before getting into the car. sorry, gross info I know.
Then, one night before we moved, Will decided that everyone needed to wear sunglasses while they were sleeping or "smoke glasses" as he calls them. Getting them on Sarah was a snap since she is a very deep sleeper, but I found him arguing with a sleeping Cassidy while trying to put them on her face. A very funny argument indeed!

Then, he put his own sunglasses on and conked out. What a goof!

And before he went to bed, he also climbed up into the cupboard and found children's Tylonel and dumped the whole bottle on his sisters bed. I freaked out because I thought he drank it all (um... re-run because that is what Lund did at 4-years-old. ), but i was excited when I saw it all dumped out on Sarah's bed. Crazy, but true!
Another cute Will idea...tape all the bullets to the guns so you don't lose them.


runningfan said...

Wow....lots going on for you! Good luck! We hope to join you in Gilbert soon. :)

Farr Family said...

Moving is always hard but then you get a new adventure in life. Hope life will slow down for you soon. I can't wait to see your new home all beautiful and decorated!!! Love ya

Shelly said...

So are you here in the valley now? Where abouts are you? I hope things are going well and that you are feeling ok through all this moving and what nots. Good luck!!

Bonnie Hynes said...

YAY!! Tell those kids they will all be fine...we were raised in the Valley and we turned out ok...right?...right?!?! Luv you guys. I can't wait for you to move into your permanent home...make way for the Hynes family cause we are definitely coming to visit...payback time! Love you guys

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Thanks once again for the update and pictures. A new segment of life begins. We pray that this will be a blessing and it will be as you find another "environment for service" as your husband prayed. With an attitude like that the future looks bright ahead.
Mom Karen