Monday, April 5, 2010

The Hunt is on...

It seems like we spent a lot of time "on the Hunt" this year. First, Saturday morning we went to the Bagdad Community Easter Egg Hunt. It was really fun and the kids were all in a frenzy to find eggs. It was really hard to catch pictures of them because they just kept moving......
They hid a few camouflage eggs that had prizes, so the kids were DYING to find those. I heard a little girl yell as she ran by me..."some kid threw up over there, just go around it...or maybe that is where they hid the camouflage egg...hummmm" Grosso, grosso!!! Kids sure get crazy when candy, running, and competition are involved.

Here we all are....with our squinty eyes! the sun was bright!
As you can see, the kids really enjoyed throwing the eggs in the air!

I love Canyon's expression here! They had to wait for their age group and waiting is never easy!
Some good friends hanging out in between the madness. Left to right: Andrew, Sarah, Canyon, Will and Cassidy.
Sarah and Canyon have been good friends for quite a while... Maybe we will marry them off someday! I guess that is not my decision to make, but he is a good choice for any girl!
On the run.....................

Lund, my calm, non-competitive son, decided to watch a friend's dog instead of hunting for eggs. He just meandered calmly around the park. I think maybe that was a great choice!!
Now, competitive Cassidy is another story!!!
And don't cross this girl if she is looking for the "golden egg". She did have a lot of fun though, even though she didn't find the prize.
Lund, eating candy and meandering...
And here are the boys hanging out and "shooting the breeze". Will and Daddy and "Grandpa" Thor and his dog, Scarlett.
I thought this idea was quite creative. Haley, Sarah's friend, didn't bring a basket, but who needs one when you have a hood???!!!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Your weather looks divine.... that is better than any egg. We were going to have a "hunt" in our yard, but the snow shoved us back inside -- so it we did it upstairs. Everyone looks for healthy and happy and makes us want to be there now..... Karen is turning sick as I am just getting better. It better not interfer with our trip!!!!

Bonnie Hynes said...

you guys take the best family pictures! Even the impromptu sun-shine-in-the-eyes picture is better than any of ours! Adorable. Thanks for ALWAYS posting!