Friday, April 2, 2010

Hey's Easter time.. break out the eggs and Peeps!

We have had a wonderful week filled with lots of Easter traditions, and more to come this weekend.
*Monday night we made an Easter package for my brother Ryan on his mission in Washington D.C. We drew pictures, wrote letters and sent him some treats. The kids favorite treat that they sent him was the bunny that you could wind up and it would walk around pooping out jelly beans. Classic!
* Tuesday night we colored eggs in between lots of baseball practices.
* Wednesday Morgan and I went to New Beginnings for the Young Women and were VERY spiritually uplifted.
* Thursday we had a "late night" and the kids watched Astro Boy and Cassidy had a friend over. (not very Eastery really, but still fun)
* Friday, today, we let each of the kids pick a family that they felt could use a good Easter message and we made "Resurrection Eggs" and delivered them. It was a good missionary moment. To find out more about "Resurrection Eggs", click here http://http// We got this tradition from Morgan's family and it is a wonderful teaching tool.
* Saturday we will be watching General Conference for our church and then heading to the Main Street park here in Bagdad for an egg hunt. Then there might even be a visit from the "Easter Fish" if the kids are lucky (more about the "Easter Fish" tradition later)...... Then down to Phoenix to watch "How to train a Dragon" while the menfolk attend the Priesthood Session of Conference.
* Sunday we will watch some more General Conference and celbrate Easter and my Dad's 60th birthday with a wonderful family dinner at my little sister's new house in Gilbert. Then we make the 3 hour drive back home.
* Monday we all have off from school and work... so we will crash here at home and then peacefully watch all the Conference sessions we may have missed in all the traveling.
Busy, I know, but I always feel like I am trying to "beat the clock" on the weeks that I am not sick from chemo. Enjoy the pictures we have so far.....

Everybody loves to attack a stack of Peeps! It's just tradition!

Lund thought it would be funny to turn his Peep into a jet ski! Clever!

Here is Sarah with her friend Haley trying to figure out which colors to mix to make their eggs beautiful.
This year we went with the "Spin an Egg" tactic. You get it at Walmart and you put the egg in with a few drops of coloring and then push the top. It spins the egg and colors it... And the best part is that nobody gets messy!

Sarah invited her cute friend Haley over to color eggs with us and her "pushing tactic" just cracked us up. Just imagine doing CPR on a chipmunk, that is how she did it... it was fast, and very funny.... but hey, to each their own and it got the job done.
Cassidy was very particular about the colors, pushing technique and everything else. She even put on a smock that I used to use on my preschool kids to make sure the color wouldn't get on her. Very dedicated!
But, if you give her a Peep, she will attack it with rage!!! She said this was her favorite Peep to eat, because it looked like it was crying!! A bit morbid I suppose!

Here is the end result of the "Spin an Egg" tactic. Pretty much all the eggs looked like the colors threw up on them, but hey, they had fun! Our eggs DEFINITELY won't be featured on Martha Stewart anytime soon!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

What a fancy way to do your eggs. High tech. You guys covered a lot of ground these last few days and it sounds like a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing with the pictures. Almost like being there.
Love, Grama Karen

Mandy said...

Looks like you guys had a great Easter holiday! Hope you're feeling good. We think about you guys often.

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